Patience and mercy in the time of the depraved mind

Thus says the Lord,
Stand by the ways and see and ask
for the ancient paths,
Where the good way is, and walk in it:
And you will find rest for your souls.
But they said, “We will not walk in it.”(Jeremiah 6:16)

Some read chapters of Jeremiah and conclude that God is severe and punishing, a God who rarely demonstrates mercy.

But that is not at all what Jeremiah reveals about the Lord. The Book of Jeremiah demonstrates His great patience, and His unwillingness to render well deserved punishment upon His people. Through His prophet Jeremiah He warned over and over and over–not just for years, but for decades.

Has he not been patient with us? Individually, and as His Church?

Or do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and tolerance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance? (Romans 2:4)

In Jeremiah we see there did come a time when punishment was delivered, and it was a horror. Jerusalem was destroyed, and the people were carried off to Babylon.

Has America been judged? I am inclined to think so. The Lord has rendered judgment even on pagan countries (Amos 1:1-15), and we have done much to displease Him.

And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper, (Romans 1:28)

Yet, as things continue to fall apart, as we enter a strange, new, perilous time, our purpose is the same, because He remains the same. Today’s believers must preach/present/explain the gospel. Not just from pulpits, but to strangers on street corners, and co-workers in cubicles. While we have the freedom to do so. Not obnoxiously, or mechanically, but with love.

So that we may show the same mercy He has granted us.

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life: no one comes to the Father but through Me.” (John 14:6)

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An atheist explains why Christians should not accept Alcoholics Anonymous

Some excerpts from Alcoholics Anonymous: The Perverting of Christianity, by Vincent Van Noir, who describes himself as an atheist:

“People in Alcoholics Anonymous routinely preach to newcomers and believe in what most churches would consider either heretical or just bad theology.”

“As an atheist I am in a unique position that affords me some clarity since I am unencumbered by spiritual thinking. For this reason I can point out the dangers of many organizations that are otherwise overlooked. This is very much that case of Alcoholics Anonymous and its perversion of the Christian religion.”

“[W]hen AA’s discuss God, most people think of the Judeo/Christian form of God and assume that AA’s are referring to this belief. However, in the context of AA’s warped spirituality these people could be referring to any number of things including ideas such as the spirit of the universe, aliens, or even Satan.”

“Bill Wilson, one of the founders of AA is stating that you can make Alcoholics Anonymous your God. God=Group of Drunks. I am pretty sure that any faithful Christian would have a problem with defining God in this manner. This is an affront to Christianity and many other religions since Alcoholics Anonymous is telling a newcomer that they can pray to a group of drunks and that they care turn their life and will over to the care of this group of drunks.”

“Yet this blurring and warping of Christian ideology continues to worsen as you delve deeper in to the Alcoholics Anonymous program. If it was not enough that AA allows for God to be recreated by the member, AA teaches that you can dismiss accepted religious values and concepts. Basically, if you don’t like the God that your parents taught you or that you learned in Sunday school you can just fire him and get a new God.”

You can read the full article by clicking HERE

How to ascertain the Will of God by George Muller

1.—I seek at the beginning to get my heart into such a state that it has no will of its own in regard to a given matter. Nine-tenths of the trouble with people is just here. Nine-tenths of the difficulties are overcome when our hearts are ready to do the Lord’s Will, whatever it may be. When one is truly in this state, it is usually but a little way to the knowledge of what His will is.

2.—Having done this, I do not leave the result to feeling or simple impression. If so, I make myself liable to great delusions.

3.—I seek the Will of the Spirit of God through, or in connection with, the Word of God. The Spirit and the Word must be combined. If I look to the Spirit alone without the Word, I lay myself open to great delusions also. If the Holy Ghost guides us at all, He will do it according to the Scriptures and never contrary to them.

4.—Next I take into account providential circumstances. These often plainly indicate God’s Will in connection with His Word and Spirit.

5.—I ask God in prayer to reveal His Will to me aright.

6.—Thus, through prayer to God, the study of the Word, and reflection, I come to a deliberate judgment according to the best of my ability and knowledge, and if my mind is thus at peace, and continues so after two or three more petitions, I proceed accordingly. In trivial matters, and in transactions involving most important issues, I have found this method always effective.

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Government invests $10 million in robots for kids

Well, that didn’t take long. The government wants to build robots to influence childrens’ behavior, including eating habits.

According to the National Science Foundation grant–which is for ten million dollars–the robots are needed to address “critical societal problems.” [1]

“The government has spent $2.15 million so far for the five-year project, which is being led by Yale University. The project, ‘Robots Helping Kids,’ will ultimately ‘deploy’ robots into homes and schools to teach English as a second language, and encourage kids to exercise,” writes Elizabeth Harrington of The Washington Free Beacon. [2]

The potential for determining the behavior of children is immense, and this is not necessarily a good thing. We used to have something like this in homes. We called them fathers.

I am just waiting for the government mandated church-bots. They can accompany the young in Bible believing congregations, sharing wisdom like: “Vegetables good, homosexuality good, vote Democrat when you grow up…”

Just kidding. Sort of.


1. Feds Spending $10 Million To Build Robot Companions For Kids
2. Ibid.

Bethel’s Bill Johnson: “Jesus was so empty of Divine capacity…”

Bill Johnson is an effective purveyor of kenosis, the heretical teaching that Christ operated on earth solely as a man, with no “Divine capacity” whatsoever. Every miracle, every healing that Christ performed, according to Johnson, came about through the power of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, Johnson teaches, we can all perform healings and miracles, since we also have access to the Holy Spirit.

Thus Johnson’s kenosis doctrine serves to reduce the biblical Christ and elevate man. As Bob Dewaay points out:

“Jesus is no longer unique, but only a special enlightened one who could lead the way to many such enlightened ones in the future. Thus we have a New Age Christ.” [1]

Kenosis comes from a misunderstanding of Phillipians 2:7: …but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men.

This speaks of the King of kings coming down and living among us, for our salvation; it has nothing to do with totally and completely giving up his Divine capacity while on earth. (Please check out the resources about kenosis at the end of this article.)

In the above video of Bethel’s Alabaster Prayer House, Bill Johnson states that “Jesus is the most normal Christian in the Bible.” (4:18) Really? Jesus is a Christian? So…Jesus is worshiping Himself?

In 2012, Bill Johnson and his wife, Beni Johnson, were contributors to a book (co-authored by his personal assistant) with disturbing New Age/quantum spirituality implications. READ

One factor, I believe, that has lured Bill Johnson away from biblical understanding is contemplative prayer, which is essentially Eastern/New Age meditation disguised with Christian terminology. It is fitting, then, that Bill Johnson makes these heretical statements during this short video about Bethel’s Alabaster House. According to the church website, “The Alabaster Prayer House and surrounding gardens are quiet and peaceful places to be in contemplative prayer and soaking.” [2]

2:42 in video: “Jesus was so empty of Divine capacity, eternally God but He chose to live with the restrictions as a man. Why? To set a model. To set something to follow, an example of His lifestyle. If He did all His miracles as God I’m still impressed but I’m not compelled to follow. … But when I find out He set aside His Divinity to display…”*

3:58 in video: “So what does [Jesus] do? He models for us the normal Christian life.”

4:18 in video: “Jesus is the most normal Christian in the Bible.”

How did Bethel’s contemplative Alabaster Prayer House come about? Apparently Bill Johnson received a vision during a time when James Goll was teaching:

5:53 in video: “When I say the Lord gave it to me in a vision I was sitting right here. Jim Goll was teaching two years ago at a prophetic conference and as he was teaching I just saw this prayer chapel with a wall of windows facing North, South, East and West, and in the center of the room was a globe with a fountain, this continual flowing fountain.”

A few final words about Johnson’s kenosis teaching before the links about kenosis, where you can investigate for yourself. We see that Christ limited Himself here:

But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone. (Matthew 24:36)

But Christ’s self-imposed limits are not at all the same thing as giving up all Divine capacity. Bill Johnson needs Christ reduced, for all intents and purposes, to simply a man, for this is what fuels his bells and whistles theology–a theology that far exceeds traditional Pentecostal teaching, and now threatens to engulf it.

Kenosis, Christology, and Bill Johnson Part One

What is Kenosis

Kenosis, Christology, and Bill Johnson Part Two


1. Bob Dewaay, “An Invasion of Error” (Critical Issues Commentary, Issue 124 Jan.-Feb. 2013,


*I can’t understand the next few words

Jibo…the family robot?

“Jibo fits in like family,” someone observed.

“With the help of developers everywhere, my skills will keep expanding. I’m even working on my sense of humor.” –Jibo

“Hi, my name is Jibo. I’m the world’s first family robot.”–Jibo

Technology can be used for good and/or evil. This is an amazing development, but it also brings concerns about potential surveillance and other misuses. What do you think? Leave a comment.

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As China stalks satellites, U.S. and Japan prepare to defend them

“In May 2013 the Chinese government conducted what it called a science space mission from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China. Half a world away, Brian Weeden, a former U.S. Air Force officer, wasn’t buying it. The liftoff took place at night and employed a powerful rocket as well as a truck-based launch vehicle—all quite unusual for a science project, he says,” writes Brian Bremner of Bloomberg Businessweek.

“In a subsequent report for the Secure World Foundation, the space policy think tank where he works, Weeden concluded that the Chinese launch was more likely a test of a mobile rocket booster for an antisatellite (ASAT) weapon that could reach targets in geostationary orbit about 22,236 miles above the equator. That’s the stomping grounds of expensive U.S. spacecraft that monitor battlefield movements, detect heat from the early stages of missile launches, and help orchestrate drone fleets. ‘This is the stuff the U.S. really cares about,’ Weeden says.”

click HERE for entire Bloomberg Businessweek article

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Choosing the path of Ezra’s God instead of 12 Steps

Now when the enemies of Judah and Benjamin heard that the people of the exile were building a temple to the LORD God of Israel, (Ezra 4:1)

they approached Zerubbabel and the heads of fathers’ households, and said to them, “Let us build with you, for we, like you, seek your God; and we have been sacrificing to Him since the days of Esarhaddon king of Assyria, who brought us up here.” (Ezra 4:2)

But Zerubbabel and Jeshua and the rest of the heads of fathers’ households of Israel said to them, “You have nothing in common with us in building a house to our God; but we ourselves will together build to the LORD our God of Israel, as King Cyrus, the king of Persia has commanded us.” (Ezra 4:3)

When the Body of Christ was offered the “good news” (?) of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 Steps, strange fire entered the church. Many were deceived.

Those who looked first to the Scriptures realized Alcoholics Anonymous was not of God. These saints had gone the way of Ezra:

For Ezra had set his heart to study the law of the LORD and to practice it and to teach His statutes and ordinances in Israel. (Ezra 7:10)

There arose promoters of a false “Chrisian” origin of A.A. and the 12 Steps, and the deception increased. Again, this came about because many did not go the way of Ezra, but chose to rely on information and claims other than the Word of God.

Now, much like the sin of the people of Israel, we have a mixed spirituality, a thing offensive to God and yet practiced by many professing believers.

“The AA religion is Christless and offers a counterfeit salvation without the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ. Seeking a Christless salvation through turning one’s life over to a ‘God as we understood Him’ has nothing to do with Christianity and everything to do with idolatry, false religions, and paganism. And because of the many versions of God represented in AA, professing Christians are uniting themselves with a spiritual harlot when they join AA.” (From 12 Steps To Destruction by Martin and Deidre Bobgan, pp.131-132)

A.A. is a program constructed on falsehood, and cemented with lies, and the truth is there are many of us who are free and sober without participating in the A.A. religion.

So many Christians have suffered a transference of faith–A.A. has become an idol.

Take care, brethren, that there not be in any one of you an evil, unbelieving heart that falls away from the living God. (Hebrews 3:12)

How do we rid our churches and our hearts of this thing?

[Christ] gave Himself for us to redeem us from every lawless deed, and to purify for Himself a people for His own possession, zealous for good deeds. (Titus 2:14)

How many calories in post-nuclear junk food?

I’m fat.

Everyone else is starving, but I understood from the very beginning that junk food would survive the cataclysm. Most canned food is gone, and there are no vegetables or fruits being grown–at least not in this area. Kind of hard to know what is going on elsewhere.

The mutated shrubbery can’t be eaten, unless you don’t mind growing tendrils.

click to READ

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7th Day of the Apocalyptic Diet

[The crops didn't survive the nuclear cataclysm. But some of the sturdier American junk food did. Chittos, Squinkies, and McDoogie's french fries are pretty much it.]

Day 7

In the dawn’s early light, the ground and much of the mutated plant life glows.

Little critters followed me most of the way home. At first I thought they were gerbils or something, but as the morning light grew stronger it was evident they were some kind of mobile ball-vegetation.


I hate this place.

I hate the whole world.

Everything I ever loved is gone. It’s me and my Squinkies, Chittos, and McDoogies french fries. Unlike the crops, junk foods survived the nuclear cataclysm.

And so did I. I haven’t had to eat the mutated vegetation, so I do not have the tendrils poking out of me—yet. Some day I am going to be out of junk food, and those mutant kids cost me dearly by emptying the warehouse of all the boxes of Chittos.

Hopefully I have lost weight during my ordeal. I am very very very fat–and you would be too, if all you lived on was junk food.

The next time a group of Christians come straggling through on the way to what is left of Idaho, I might see if I can join them. I am in a position of bargaining strength as I know where all the junk food is for miles around.

But this is going to be a problem too–I know the mutant kids are using the Chittos to trade and bargain. They are now my competitors.

I hate this place.

Previous Chapters: READ


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