Her name was Sheerah, and she built two towns (1 Chronicles 7:24)

Have you ever read about  a woman named Sheerah in the Bible? Let’s look at a few verses from 1 Chronicles 7. Sheera is named in 1 Chronicles 7:24:
The sons of Ephraim were Shuthelah and Bered his son, Tahath his son, Eleadah his son, Tahath his son,
Zabad his son, Shuthelah his son, and Ezer and Elead whom the men of Gath who were born in the land killed, because they came down to take their livestock.
Their father Ephraim mourned many days, and his relatives came to comfort him.
Then he went in to his wife, and she conceived and bore a son, and he named him Beriah, because misfortune had come upon his house.
His daughter was Sheerah, who built lower and upper Beth-horon, also Uzzen-sheerah. (1 Chronicles 7:20-24)
Sheerah was likely the granddaughter or great granddaughter of Ephraim, who was one of the sons of Joseph. The Bible only mentions Sheerah here, and credits her as having built two towns, Beth-horon and Uzzen-sheera.
There are a number of references to Beth-horon in the Bible. [1]
The second town mentioned, Uzzen-sheerah, means portion of Sheerah. [2]
Who was this woman? Did she build upon a foundation or foundations of something that was already there? She is unknown to most Christians, which until this morning included me.
Source Notes:
1. http://www.studylight.org/dictionaries/hbd/view.cgi?n=865


Strong’s Concordance
Uzzen Sheerah: “portion of Sheerah,” a place in Palestine

Original Word: אֻזֵּן
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Transliteration: Uzzen Sheerah
Phonetic Spelling: (ooz-zane’ sheh-er-aw’)
Short Definition: Uzzen-sheerah

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China soon able to destroy “every satellite in space”?

“China will soon be able to destroy every satellite in space, a senior U.S. military official has said,” reports Zachary Keck for The National Interest.

From construction of artificial islands for geopolitical advantage to advanced space weapons, China is on the move.

Keck continues, “According to Breaking Defense, Lt. Gen. Jay Raymond, commander of the 14th Air Force, said this week that China’s amassing formidable anti-satellite capabilities. Raymond claimed that Beijing is already capable of holding every low-orbit satellite at risk, and “soon every satellite in every orbit will be able to be held at risk” by China’s anti-satellite (ASAT) capabilities.”   continue reading article


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Spiritually Snookered By Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous has two spiritual purposes. One is to point unbelievers away from Christ; the other is to water down or weaken the theology of the Christians who have joined the AA religion. Because of exposure to the twelve step program there are many AA Christians who confuse “recovery” with sanctification.

Hurting alcoholics who do not know the Lord learn, through meetings and the AA Big Book, that they do not need Christ at all in order to have a relationship with the Father:

“The central fact of our lives today is the absolute certainty that our Creator has entered our hearts and our lives in a way that is miraculous.” (AA Big Book, pg.25)

“[A]ll of us, whatever our race, creed, or color are children of a living Creator with whom we may form a relationship upon simple and understandable terms as soon as we are willing and honest enough to try.” (AA Big Book, pg.28) click here to continue reading

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Feel Good Religion ~

Originally posted on CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann:

Dead Works ~ CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann ~ Dead - IBible Verse

I love the feel good religion,
like the one you hear today
I like knowing God loves me
no matter what I do or say.

I like giggling and laughing,
as the pastor jokes around
I like all the modern music
with that big band sound.

I like the laid back attitude,
the easygoing, off beat tempo
I love that the mega building
is progressive and contempo.

I like the main message,
about being richly blessed
I like the fact that my sins
I no longer have to confess.

I like not having to repent,
or change my ways or views
I like I’m not told anymore
what to God, is or isn’t taboo.

I love the feel good religion,
like the one you hear today
but, I love Jesus more . . .
so I think from it, I’ll stay away!


2 Corinthians 11:13-15

” For such are false apostles, deceitful workers,

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The Church “Triumphantly” Dead

C.H. Fisher of http://www.truthkeepers.com/ writes:

Why are professing Christians so passive during an unprecedented encroachment of evil on Christian liberty in America? There are the standard reasons. They are apathetic, weak, backslidden, hypocritical, etcetera. We could make a case for one or all of those things.

I also believe that many professing Christians abhor any negative information, especially what they believe to be “doom and gloom.” They’ve shut their minds to everything relative to eschatology. Thus, they cannot recognize historical precursors for full-scale violent persecution. A large faction believes that Christ is going to “come and get us before all the bad stuff happens.” They refuse to recognize that “bad stuff”, including the wanton slaughter of Christians, is already occurring in other nations.

However, I believe that there is another major underlying factor that may be responsible for all the other factors resulting in obstinate passivity. And it is simple. There is no threat to their status quo.

Most professing Christians “go to church” and listen to sermons. That’s what they do to no viable end. They get the family ready on Sunday morning and they head to a church building. When they get back home, they put it behind them like a dental visit. They watch sports on TV, go fishing, play golf, shop, and basically reward themselves for “doing church.” Most of them do not attend the Sunday night meeting, if their church has one. In other words, the Sunday morning event has minimal impact in their lives. It simply satisfies the inherent urge to be religious.

Monday through Friday, they focus on the cares of life with little or no expression of Christianity. Saturday, they enjoy the day off. Sunday rolls around and it’s off to the church building again. It is the stuff of “hearers-only” religion.

[ More articles at http://www.truthkeepers.com/ ]

So where’s the threat? So what if the militant Homosexual/Progressive Liberal Movement attacks a Christian florist, cake maker, or some other Christian business. The congress passes so-called hate crime and anti-discrimination laws intrusive to Christians. So what? Radical atheists get angry about nativity scenes. Department stores refuse to say “Merry Christmas.” Some bank teller gets fired for saying, “Have a blessed day.” The Ten Commandments are removed from a courthouse. So what? New Age paganism is a swarming invasion. Entire denominations are succumbing to Contemplative Spirituality. So what? It doesn’t even slightly hinder the routine of “going to church” on Sunday.

Therefore, even though there is a concerted effort to force acceptance of the homosexual agenda on the workplace, the marketplace, public education, churches, government, military, and you name it, it does not significantly hinder the status quo. Professing Christians can still “go to church,” hear sermons, and coast along enjoying their “best life now.” Warned repeatedly about the invasion of heresy in the church, and the rapid declension of culture into hedonism, they refuse to process the information as a threat.

The fact is, far too many professing Christians consider the diabolical intrusions as much ado about nothing. Everything goes on as before. Besides, they do not actually practice Christianity in public anyway. So where’s the loss in having something pilfered that you never bothered to use?

You know what’s really pathetic? We have history to inform us about the pattern that evil employs to gain dominance over and then persecute Christians. But people do not (or refuse to) recognize the first step by Christophobes toward abolishing our liberty. It is to poke the sleeping giant. What I mean is they begin by caricaturing and then challenging public expressions of Christianity. If the giant does not awaken, they go a step further and remove liberties by legislation. They continue to poke and gouge as long as the giant sleeps. Eventually, the giant is so full of holes (liberties lost) and its hide so bound to stakes (rules and laws) that when it finally awakens, it has little or no power to do anything other than moan.

The sleeping giant is of course Christianity. It is a massive subdued, ritualistic, apathetic, hireling-infiltrated, spiritually anemic, and heresy-poisoned monstrosity composed mostly of professing Christians who have no concept of true Christianity. Further they have no interest in theology other than sound-bite explanations of what separates them from other Christian factions. They have no idea of where their doctrines came from, or the scriptural paths that produced them. All is well if they can only “go to church” under a specific title, hear a sermon, and go home.

The millennials with their mega-churches and New Age “church” have a worse problem. They believe they have superior Christianity because they have shaken off the old garments of traditionalism and are breathing the fumes of Spiritual Formation. Wrong. They only poured old contaminated wine in new wine skins. It is still about maintaining a status quo.

What they all fail to realize is that “going to church” will be the last Christian indulgence to be banished. At the moment, they can “go” all they want as long as they don’t attempt to “do” anything Christ-like in society. While that status quo is maintained, a furious attack on “doers” is underway. The “hearers-only” placidly look the other way.

I believe that when the time comes to drive a wooden stake in the heart of the giant, the “hearers only” will applauded the decision. The reason? Because Christianity will be replaced with an ecumenical world religion that will eliminate any threat to their status quo. The government will slide out the old, battered, and heresy-fragmented, shell of Christianity, and slip in place a new, human-centered, ecumenical religion benign to culture, atheism, and all else that opposes righteousness. It will preserve their “church-going” indulgence. The millennials with their Seeker-Friendly, Emergent, Ecumenical, New Age, New Apostolic, Spiritual Formation, etcetera, are leading the way and assisting in the process.

When the One-World religion is set in place, the “church-going, hearers-only” folks, clinging to their venerated paradigm, will breathe a bated sigh of relief. They will not have not lost anything. What will be destroyed they never possessed. Their ritual was their faith. It was the crux of their belief system, the sum of their duty to whom they deem as God. Killing the battered giant will not matter to them anymore than knocking a fish in the head with a stick.

That is why they are so passive today. There is nothing in their superficial understanding of Christianity that is considered expensive enough to stand up for and defend. Their pastors could switch present theology for another one on any given Sunday and they would neither recognize nor care. It’s the status quo that matters. Come into the building, breeze through a short burst of fellowship, enjoy the “worship” music, endure a short message, relish the mild inebriation of the meeting’s end, rush to the food, and enjoy life with God in the distant background—a paradigm of the church “triumphantly” dead.

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Tim Keller promotes Catholic mystic, rejects Genesis 1 as literal truth

In a 2014 interview, Pastor Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church noted that Puritan John Owen was “down on Catholic mysticism and down on an awful lot of the ways in which evangelicals are trying to bring in Catholic contemplative prayer practices.” [1]  Keller also stated, “Most books I know that are critical of contemplative prayer, as I am…” [2] (bold mine)

Wait a minute. As he is?

Keller himself has advocated Catholic contemplative  prayer practices. Here on YouTube Keller promotes Catholic mystic Teresa of Avila:


Pay close attention to yourself and to your teaching; persevere in these things, for as you do this you will ensure salvation both for yourself and for those who hear you. (1 Timothy 4:16)

Perhaps he has received some criticism for his fascination with Catholic mystics. In addition to the interview referred to at the beginning of this article, Keller has also tried to distance himself from his pro-contemplative stance in another interview. [3]

These brief comments during interviews are too little and too late. Contemplative practices have been taught in his church in 1998 [4] and 2009. [5] Contemplative practice is being promoted there now in the form of lectio divina. [6]

Incredibly, one of the authors on the church website is Jan Johnson, a  well  known spiritual director. In addition to lectio divina, her article even recommends the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola. [7] Ignatius was a fierce Catholic opponent of the Reformation.

Contemplative prayer is really Eastern/New Age meditation, only coated with Christianese terminology. Unlike genuine prayer, where we communicate with our God, the goal  in Eastern/new age/contemplative is to stop all active thought. In this silence, amazing and deceptive things can happen.

Contemplative practices can addle and alter theology. According to gotquestions.org, “Contemplative spirituality is an extremely dangerous practice for any person who desires to live a biblical, God-centered life.” [8]

There is an additional concern concerning Tim Keller. Keller considers Genesis 1 a poem, rather than a literal account of creation:

This may not be a salvation issue, but rejection of the literal six day account casts doubt on the veracity of the Bible as a whole. 

Source Notes:

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8. http://www.gotquestions.org/contemplative-spirituality.html

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The Message “Bible” is not a Bible

Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar. (Proverbs 30:5-6)

The Lord commands us to neither add to nor delete from the Bible. We see this in Deuteronomy 4:2 and 12:32, Proverbs 4:20-21, 30:5-6, 1 Corinthians 4:6, 2 Corinthians 4:2, and Revelation 22:19.

The Message is not a translation of the Bible. It is not a para-translation, as its publishers have so cleverly called it. Nor is it a paraphrase, because Eugene Peterson has omitted, and he has added.

The Message should not be used by the body of Christ at all.

To see just how much has been deleted, omitted, or altered in The Message, go here: http://www.crossroad.to/Bible_studies/Message.html

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Return of the ouija board quote by A.A. co-founder Bill Wilson

Here, once again, for those new to the blog, is one of  Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill Wilson’s many unholy adventures. According to Wilson:

“The ouija board began moving in earnest. What followed was the fairly usual experience-it was a strange melange of Aristotle, St. Francis, diverse archangels with odd names, deceased friends–some in purgatory and others doing nicely, thank you! There were malign and mischievious ones of all descriptions telling of vices quite beyond my ken, even as former alcoholics. Then, the seemingly virtuous entities would elbow them out with messages of comfort, information, advice—and sometimes just sheer nonsense.” (PASS IT ON, Wilson’s official A.A. biography, pg. 278) (Bold mine)

“There shall not be found among you…a medium or a spiritist or one who calls up the dead. For whoever does these things is detestable to the Lord.” (Deuteronomy 18:10, 11, 12)

“[He] knew little of psychics and had heard nothing before this of my adventures.”–A.A. co-founder Bill Wilson, from his official A.A. biography, PASS IT ON, pg.277

“Do not seek out mediums and spiritists; do not seek out and be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God.” (Leviticus 19:31)

Gay activist says church leaders “must be made to take homosexuality off the sin list”

[This video is included because, ironically, Carl Lentz of Hillsong, by refusing to speak publically about homosexual sin, is in effect acquiescing to the demands of the gay activist.]


A New York Times columnist recently opined that “our debate about religious freedom should include a conversation about freeing religions and religious people from prejudices that they needn’t cling to and can indeed jettison, much as they’ve jettisoned other aspects of their faith’s history, rightly bowing to the enlightenments of modernity.”

According to the article, a gay philanthropist told the columnist “that church leaders must be made ‘to take homosexuality off the sin list.'” [2] (bold mine)

Change the Bible? Exclude homosexuality as sin from certain verses?

Actually, this has already happened via The Message “Bible.” The Message flat out deletes homosexuality from two key New Testament passages and gives a politically correct spin to a third.

It is no coincidence that Pastor Carl Lentz of Hillsong NYC uses The Message so much. Hillsong seeks to please the world by remaining silent on the issue of homosexuality.

Above is Dr. James White’s YouTube piece on Hillsong’s Carl Lentz’s use of a non-existent phrase found only in The Message. Lentz  emphasizes this made-up phrase to rationalize Hillsong’s refusal to publically deal with homosexuality as sin.

You can also read more about Hillsong’s politically correct silence and the deletions, additions, and altered passages in The Message (1 Cor 6:9-11, 1 Timothy 1:8-11, Romans 1:25-27) in this short online booklet: http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/?p=16449

Source Notes:

1. Bigotry, the Bible, and the Lessons of Indiana, 4/3/15, by Frank Bruni  http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/05/opinion/sunday/frank-bruni-same-sex-sinners.html?

2. Ibid.

Uncle Vern’s down home Wedding Cake commentary

You’re so happy? For goodness sake,

Forcing bad law on wedding cake

It ain’t celebration, it’s Freedom’s wake…*


*There goes Uncle Vern again. He reads his Bible, goes to church, and eats at potlucks. These activities are currently legal.

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