Day # 6–Apocalyptic Diet

A large section of the north wall of this warehouse was evaporated in the initial nuclear blasts nearly four years ago. I am not protected from whatever those things are outside.

They slither, they gibber, they chitter, and they squeal. Are they plants? Animals?

It is utter blackness. There are no lights, no electricity to light up the world.

I’m getting out of here the minute the sun comes up.

I’m gonna waddle home and eat Squinkies, and Chittos, and McDoogie’s french fries.

Diet, shmiet. I will just be happy to still be alive.

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Ebola stalks West Africa, medics fight mistrust, hostility

* Scores of patients, fearing death, shun treatment centres

* Guinea forest communities try to shut out health workers

* Many see Ebola as “death sentence”, avoid hospitals

* Disposal of Ebola victims disrupts burial practices

By Saliou Samb and Adam Bailes

CONAKRY, Guinea/KENEMA, Sierra Leone, July 13 (Reuters) – G overnments and health agencies trying to contain the world’s deadliest ever Ebola epidemic in West Africa fear the contagion could be worse than reported because suspicious locals are chasing away health workers and shunning treatment.

From Guinea, where the four-month-old outbreak claimed the first of more than 500 lives, to Sierra Leone, scores of patients are hiding away, believing hospitalisation is a “death sentence”.

In Guinea’s southeastern Forest Region some terrified villagers are shutting off their communities to medical workers, even blocking roads and downing bridges.

Over the border in Liberia’s Lofa County, health workers trying to screen two communities for the deadly disease were chased off by locals armed with cutlasses, knives, and stones, according to an internal U.N. report seen by Reuters. continue reading Reuters article

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THE NAME Jehovah-M’Kaddesh is found in Leviticus 20:8. It means Jehovah who sanctifies. “Sanctify yourselves therefore, and be ye holy: for I am Jehovah your God…. I am Jehovah which sanctify you (Lev. 20:7,8).” [1]


The term sanctify occurs frequently in the Old Testament Scriptures. The Hebrew word with which it translates is also translated by other English words such as dedicate, consecrate, sanctuary, hallow, and holy, but especially by the word holy, and often by Holy One. In its various forms it appears some 700 times. [2]

Its primary meaning, however, is to set apart or separate. The idea is most nearly rendered by the words sanctify or hallow, and the word holy stands for that which is set apart. [3]

1. Nathan Stone, NAMES OF GOD, p. 95
2. Ibid., p.97
3. Ibid., p.97

All information above is directly quoted from Nathan Stone’s NAMES OF GOD (1944)

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5th Day: Apocalyptic Diet

They double crossed me. If I ever catch those two mutant kids I’m going to tear the tendrils right out of their ears and necks.

The warehouse is empty. They took every single box of Chittos in the place. It’s getting dark now. It took me hours to make it here, huffing and puffing, because I am probably the fattest guy in the post-cataclysmic world. But then, everyone else is either starving or progressively mutating from eating post-nuclear vegetation.

It’s going to be a long night. I ate all of my chocolate icing, cake covered, cream filled Squinkies on the way here–I need my strength, all right?–and I am thirsty.

Things sound different in the deepening twilight. Outside those gliding plant-things are swooping and soaring, sometimes in amazingly complex patterns.

Very apprehensive. I can’t wait to get back to my bunker. Wish I had some Squinkies.

Or my mommy.

Or a gun.

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A.A.’s heretical “godfathers”

We will soon examine in detail the contributions of (at least three) men who were key factors in A.A.’s formation and theological opposition to Christ. You can also find more information by typing these names into the search box of this website.

For now, here are related links:

Emanuel Swedenborg: Read

Harry Emerson Fosdick: Read

Emmet Fox: Read

The fourth day of the Apocalyptic Diet

[The crops didn't survive the nuclear cataclysm. But some of the sturdier American junk food--Chittos, Squinkies, and fast food french fries--did.]

Day 4—

Ding dang tendril sproutin’ mutant kids.

I gave them all sorts of toys as payment to go and collect bags of Chittos from that laid-to-waste warehouse, but they never came back. I figured they were a safe bet as they only eat mutated vegetation, but maybe they’re using the fluorescent orange junk food as currency.

Anything’s possible in this gray, glowing wasteland. A few stragglers–Christians, mostly, far as I can tell–are passing through on the way to what is left of Idaho. Maybe those mutant kids have decided to get a whole trade and barter thing going—with my Chittos.

I’m not doing so well on my diet, and now, I have to waddle over to the warehouse to see what the deal is. I’d better take some Squinkies just to keep my strength up.

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God can only be found “deep down within us” ?

So, how many people have been taught this heretical god-is-within theology, which can be found in the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book:
“Sometimes we had to search fearlessly, but He was there. He was as much a fact as we were. We found the Great Reality deep down within us. In the last analysis, it is only there that He may be found. It was so with us.” (pg. 55, bold mine)

On the other hand, here is something that will never be found in the A.A. Big Book:
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me.” (John 14:6)

So, which is it? Can “god” only be found deep within ourselves? Or is Christ the only way to the Father?
Rhetorical questions, obviously.

But here is one I would really like answered: How can Christians participate in A.A. when its teachings deny Christ?

Shouldn’t it matter?

A.A. teaches that alcoholism is a “spiritual disease.” But…Maybe A.A. itself is the spiritual disease (click to investigate)

Spurgeon quotes

“Those who are really converted show it practically. That conversion which does not convert or turn the life is no conversion at all.” — C.H. Spurgeon

“You must be divorced from your sin, or you cannot be married to Christ.” — C.H. Spurgeon

“You are as much serving God in looking after your own children, and training them up in God’s fear, and minding the house, and making your household a church for God, as you would be if you had been called to lead an army to battle for the Lord of hosts.” — C.H. Spurgeon

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Third Day–Apocalyptic Diet

[The crops didn't survive the nuclear cataclysm. But some of the sturdier American junk food did. Chittos, Squinkies, and McDoogie's french fries are pretty much it.]

Day 3–

The mutant kids haven’t come back with my stash. Either something has happened to them, or I made a big mistake telling them where that warehouse (what’s left of it) is located. Have they decided to keep the warehouse’s Chittos for themselves?

Maybe it was the stress, but I went off my diet last night. Of course, whether dieting or not, I am still eating the same stuff. I gorged on fluorescent orange Chittos, a half dozen Squinkies–I love those cake and icing snacks with the creamy white filling–and then I ate McDoogie’s french fries after all that.

I am so fat.

Last night I thought I heard voices outside. The mutant kids say people have been passing through, on the way to what is left of Idaho.

That is not an option for me. I am too fat to do much besides eat. Hope the mutant kids come back soon.

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Crushing Christians with bakery cake

Let’s make them bend, let’s make them break
Let’s crush those Christians with bakery cake…

State files charges against Gresham bakery owners

The Death of Freedom (Belfast cake homo-fascism)

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