AA co-founder’s very last mistress given royalties

So, who had rights to royalties from the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book, and other books written by AA co-founder Bill Wilson?

According to Pulitzer Prize winner Nan Robertson, “Royalties from [AA co-founder] Wilson’s books would ultimately give him and [wife] Lois a comfortable home.”  (Getting Better: Inside Alcoholics Anonymous, pg. 69)

Robertson notes there was also  “…1.5 percent for Helen W., Bill’s last and most enduring mistress.” (pg.69) (Bold mine)

Bill Wilson wasn’t a Christian, but he certainly has been portrayed as such. Until we understand where the 12 Steps came from, and the non-Christian spirituality of both Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, nothing will change.

Francis Hartigan was the secretary for Lois Wilson, Bill’s wife, for thirteen years. He had many conversations with Lois about Bill. He writes, “[A.A. co-founder Bill Wilson’s] belief in God might have become unshakeable, but he could never embrace any theology or even the divinity of Jesus, and he went to his grave unable to give his own personal idea of God much definition. In this sense, he was never very far removed from the unbelievers.”(Bold mine) (From the Francis Hartigan book, Bill W., pg. 123)

Bill Wilson and spiritualism: http://mywordlikefire.wordpress.com/2008/09/24/seances-spirits-and-12-steps/


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