Contemplative Dana Candler speaks at IHOP-KC 2014 Onething

Dana Candler is speaking at IHOP-KC Onething 2014 as this is being written. She is speaking about fasting. But, like many IHOP leaders and teachers, Candler is fully committed to contemplative prayer. This is unfortunate, because contemplative prayer is essentially Eastern/New Age meditation coated with Christian terminology.

Dana Candler has written, “Contemplative prayer is the way into the Ocean of Divine Love. It is the way that this fire of intimacy ignites within our being. In this love communion, the tremendous experience of God in the inner man takes place. Until this inward fire is ignited, stewarded, and released within us, we will walk as dead men. For we are only alive in the realm of love.” [3] (Italics Candler’s)

Contemplative prayer, Candler has written, “is the great missing element of the prayer ministry in the Church today: touching the very core of what the New Covenant is about. This very reality brings the highest transformation in this age.” [4]

What Candler has unknowingly asserted is that the gospel is not enough–we are “dead men” until we experience the “transformation” through contemplative prayer. She, of course, would not see it this way at all. To the contemplatives, this deceptive meditative state is what Jesus intended for us all along.

Contemplative prayer is foundational to IHOP-KC. click here for more info and source notes

Reader: Candler spoke at Session 7 but as of yet her session has not been put up on the Onething 2014 site.

Reinhard Bonnke replaces Joyce Meyer at IHOP-KC Onething 2014

Describing him as “one of the most powerful evangelists of all time,” an IHOP-KC communication states, “We are thrilled to announce that Reinhard Bonnke will be joining us for Onething 2014!” [1]

Bonnke is the hoped for high-recognition replacement for the departed Joyce Meyers, who canceled due to “some unforeseeable personal circumstances.” [2]

Source Note 1

Source Note 2

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Joyce Meyer cancels speaking engagement at IHOP-KC Onething 2014

Joyce Meyer will not be speaking at the International House of Prayer Onething 2014 event.

According to an IHOP-KC Leadership Team notification, “Joyce expressed her regret to us that she is unable to be with us and has had to cancel her visit at the last minute.”

The reason for this unexpected cancellation is attributed to “some unforeseeable personal circumstances.”

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“The Prosperity Priestess and the pied piper of IHOP” by Marsha West

Joyce Meyer is scheduled to speak at IHOP-KC’s Onething Conference in December. Marsha West examines this Mike Bickle/Joyce Meyer “team-up” and the implications thereof.

You can read the entire Marsha West article by linking HERE

Want information on Mike Bickle and International House of Prayer?

Many, many people are interested in what is happening at Bethel Redding and International House of Prayer. Here is a link to Apostasy Watch, where information has been gathered about Mike Bickle and IHOP-KC. You will find contemplative and Catholic influence, an incorrect view of endtimes, and much more. LINK:
Apostasy Watch

Also, for extremely thorough analysis of what IHOP-KC teaches, go to Herescope and Herescope

So..please explain contemplative prayer???

In his chapter, Contemplative Prayer, the New Age, and Psalm 46:10, Warren B. Smith, author of “Another Jesus” Calling, writes, “What I came to realize years ago was that the [contemplative/meditative] silence allowed deceptive spirits to establish contact with those of us who were naive and undiscerning ‘listeners.'” (p. 80)

Smith was involved with the New Age, and thus speaks from personal experience.

Smith continues, “The conditions of stillness, openness, and receptivity were ideal for deceptive spirits to inject ungodly thoughts and understandings into out minds.” (pp. 80-81)

Alcoholics Anonymous (read article), the International House of Prayer, and the Emergent Church have been influenced or shaped by contemplative prayer. So have many other organizations and individuals.

Where else can this practice be found? Well, contemplative prayer continues to spread through the Body of Christ. The author of “Another Jesus” Calling notes, “And now the same thing is going on in the church which sees no need to test the spirits.” (pg.81)

Here, by S.E. Ray, is a well researched and readable article about this form of anti-biblical meditation.  Please excuse the long link line, as my own computer is down and this library version is too complex for my simple mind. LINK:

Explaining contemplative prayer

Why is IHOP-KC’s obsession with contemplative prayer so dangerous? Of course, it is not just Mike Bickle’s organization that is so involved with this deceptive practice. Not by a long shot.

Lighthouse Trails has just released a booklet/tract, So You Want to Practice “Good” Contemplative Prayer…What’s Wrong With That?

Written by Lynn Lusby Pratt, this offers a clear and concise definition and explanation. If you have friends in the International House of Prayer, or in A.A. and practicing Step 11, or in a mainstream church–or anywhere else where this anti-biblical meditation can be found–this is a valuable resource.

This booklet/tract is sold individually, or in multiples.

If you want to read it, here is the Link.

IHOP-KC’s Stephen Venable no longer presenting “Lingering” at Linger Conference

Stephen Venable, the IHOP-KC leader who advocates contemplative prayer, is no longer scheduled to speak on “Lingering” at the Linger Conference.

His Saturday morning time of 8-9 a.m. is now listed as an “Extra Optional Session,” with the subject now “The Glory of Jesus and a Vision for Prayer.”

Reformed contemplative at Liberate 2014/One Way Love Conference

“One of the ways I have found helpful in moving into the ‘other world’ is a technique called centering prayer (You might want to read M. Basil Pennington’s book on the subject, Centering Prayer. I don’t agree with the entire book, but…”)***

The above quote is from Approaching God: Accepting The Invitation To Stand In The Presence Of  God, pg. 117, by Steve Brown, one of the scheduled headliners for the Liberate 2014/One Way Love Conference at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Feb. 20-23.

One Way Love is also the title of the new book by Coral Ridge Pastor Tully Tchividjian.

“On the other side of the silence, I encountered the God who is really there. It took a long time to still the other voices in my mind, a long time to be quiet, but he did come.” —From Approaching God, pg. 6, by Steve Brown

“One of the reasons most people who go to a deeper level of prayer have a confessor, spiritual director or companion is to make sure they don’t go off the deep end and wander into spiritual territory they know nothing about.” —From Approaching God, pg. 104, by Steve Brown.

The onslaught continues. As we see from the above quotes by Steve Brown, who as noted will be speaking at the Liberate 2014/One Way Love Conference at Tully Tchvidjian’s church in February, contemplative influence is already in the Reformed Camp.

Perhaps it has been there far longer than most of us have realized. Steve Brown taught at Reformed Theological Seminary for almost twenty years. [1] One of the courses he taught was APPROACHING GOD: The Pastor’s Contemplative Life.

How many students were influenced by this class? The Reading List for the class is a contemplative-palooza: Richard Foster, Brennan Manning, Philip Yancey, Gerald May, and the class is further encouraged to read Henri Nouwen. [2]

As it turns out, there are other  RTS contemplative related courses besides Brown’s. [3]

RTS is listed as Partner of the Liberate 2014/One Way Love Conference. [4]

I want to stress this is not an attack on Brown, or RTS, or on the conference. But contemplative prayer changes people, dulls, affects, or determines theology. It is not of Christ. We need to continue warning people.

Believers might want to take a hard look at the Strange Fire happening to many Reformed people.

Latest: Will Pastor Tchividjian allow contemplative speaker at conference hosted by Coral Ridge Presbyterian?







*** I used for my quotes of Approaching God, and the quote just stops because the next page is not featured.

click here for Approaching God on

“Understanding Mantra Meditation and Altered States” by Ray Yungen

Please view these videos where Linger Conference speaker and IHOP-KC teacher Stephen Venable teaches or promotes mantra meditation/centering/contemplative prayer, and then read the following Ray Yungen article about anti-biblical meditation. What Stephen Venable and others teach at IHOP-KC is the same as New Age meditation, only it is disguised with Christianese terminology….

IHOP-KC’s Stephen Venable teaches mantra meditation/centering/contemplative prayer: read and watch video

IHOP-KC short contemplative prayer class promotional Video

According to Ray Yungen:

“The meditation most of us are familiar with involves a deep, continuous thinking about something. But New Age meditation does just the opposite. It involves ridding oneself of all thoughts in order to still the mind by putting it in the equivalent of pause or neutral. A comparison would be that of turning a fast-moving stream into a still pond. When meditation is employed by damming the free flow of thinking, it holds back active thought and causes a shift in consciousness. This condition is not to be confused with daydreaming, where the mind dwells on a subject. New Age meditation works as a holding mechanism until the mind becomes thoughtless, empty and silent.”

Yungen continues, “The two most common methods used to induce this thoughtless state are breathing exercises, where attention is focused on the breath, and a mantra, which is a repeated word or phrase. The basic process is to focus and maintain concentration without thinking about what you are focusing on. Repetition on the focused object is what triggers the blank mind. Since mantras are central to New Age meditation, it is important to understand a proper definition of the word. The translation from Sanskrit is man,meaning to think and tra, meaning to be liberated from. Thus, the word literally means to escape from thought. By repeating the mantra, either out loud or silently, the word or phrase begins to lose any meaning it once had. The conscious thinking process is gradually tuned out until an altered state of consciousness is achieved. But this silence is not the final objective; its attainment is only a means to an end.” continue reading article


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