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Charismatic Catholic Oreste Pesare is an Empowered21 Global Leader. E21, as I am growing tired of saying, has served as a public relations bonanza for the New Apostolic Reformation. The NAR, I believe, will increasingly merge with Catholicism. Here, from 2012, was IHOP-KC Mike Bickle’s attempt to bring the Catholics into his Onething conference. (Fortunately, Catholic participation was canceled). Bickle is one of the most powerful NAR adherents.

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Steubenville Conferences is partnering with the International House of Prayer in the first ever Catholic track at Onething in the Kansas City Convention Center this December 28-31. Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, Dr. Ralph Martin, Dr. Scott Hahn, Dr. John Bergsma, Matt Maher, Audrey Assad, Misty Edwards, and others will be sharing.  Join with over 25,000 young adults as this year’s theme is Encountering Jesus & His Transforming Power through living out the Sermon on the Mount. There will be daily Mass and a chapel for Eucharistic adoration from 8am-11pm.

To attend the Catholic Track, register through

This event is free of charge, seating is limited, and a collection will be taken to help cover expenses.

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About the “mantle” NAR’s Chuck Pierce gave to Glenn Beck

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is weak on doctrine and lacking in wisdom, judgment, and discernment.

For some in this movement, that is an understatement: The Grand Poohbah of the NAR, C. Peter Wagner, holds to open theism. This is the belief that God might not have absolute foreknowledge of all things. [1] Apparently there are a few in the apostolic movement who “hold to the doctrine of Oneness,” and Wagner is okay with these (heretics) who reject Trinitarian understanding. [2]

From Bethel Redding leader Bill Johnson’s acceptance of kenosis to IHOP-KC’s Mike Bickle’s promotion of contemplative prayer, the New Apostolic Reformation leaders have brought much error into the church.

This brings us to NAR “prophet” Chuck Pierce, who ceremonially gave a mantle to Glenn Beck, a Mormon.

According to Holly Pivec, “So when Pierce presented a mantle to Beck, people in the audience–who regard Pierce as a prophet–understood that their prophet was conferring some type of prophetic status on Beck. This should trouble Christians. Why? Because a leading prophet in the NAR is recognizing a member of the Mormon church–a cult of Christianity, which rejects essential doctrines of the Christian faith– as a true messenger of God. A true prophet of God would do no such thing.” [3] (Read)

The reach and influence of the NAR is vast, and often unrecognized. In GOD’S SUPER-APOSTLES, authors Pivec and Geivett note, “In short, NAR is a global movement with an agenda to bring back apostles and prophets to the church–apostles like Peter and Paul and prophets like Moses and Elijah. NAR leaders claim that God always intended for apostles and prophets to rule the church…” [4]

The NAR is powerful, and thankfully does not rule the entire Body of Christ. But what have NAR leaders brought us? False eschatology, false visions, contemplative prayer (IHOP-KC and Bethel Redding), twisted doctrine, introduction to quantum mysticism (Bill Johson, Mark Chironna), occult Kabbalah (Pierce), and mantles to nowhere.

Bonus: What is Kabbalah ?:

Source Notes:
1. C. Peter Wagner, The Changing Church: How God is leading His Church into the future, pg. 154
2. Ibid., pg. 157
4.  R. Douglass Geivett and Holly Pivec, GOD’S SUPER-APOSTLES, pg.4

New Apostolic Reformation in your church?

I have just finished reading GOD’S SUPER-APOSTLES, by R. Douglas Geivett and Holly Pivec. The book is important enough that I am reading it again before I write a review.

The Body of Christ has been greatly affected by the New Apostolic Reformation and its advocates, even when this term is not recognized. Mike Bickle of International House of Prayer, Bill Johnson of Bethel Redding, Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, C. Peter Wagner, and many others in the NAR sphere have influenced the Body of Christ.

Geivett and Pivec have written a balanced book. They write without anger and without rancor. They give a fair portrayal of NAR teachings and practices, which they examine in light of the Scriptures.

Toward the end of the book one paragraph in particular seemed to leap out at me:

“Finally, we urge you to watch for signs in your congregation that some are attracted to NAR teachings and practices. We’ve learned that deliberate infiltration is not uncommon. Take care not to lend a platform to those with aberrant beliefs. Be especially vigilant on behalf of the young people in your church. And take care to vet any potential leaders for any affiliation they may have with the NAR.” [1]

Source Notes:
1. R. Doulglas Geivett and Holly Pivec, GOD’S SUPER APOSTLES, pg. 134

More on Holly Pivec’s excellent blog:

Contemplative Dana Candler speaks at IHOP-KC 2014 Onething

Dana Candler is speaking at IHOP-KC Onething 2014 as this is being written. She is speaking about fasting. But, like many IHOP leaders and teachers, Candler is fully committed to contemplative prayer. This is unfortunate, because contemplative prayer is essentially Eastern/New Age meditation coated with Christian terminology.

Dana Candler has written, “Contemplative prayer is the way into the Ocean of Divine Love. It is the way that this fire of intimacy ignites within our being. In this love communion, the tremendous experience of God in the inner man takes place. Until this inward fire is ignited, stewarded, and released within us, we will walk as dead men. For we are only alive in the realm of love.” [3] (Italics Candler’s)

Contemplative prayer, Candler has written, “is the great missing element of the prayer ministry in the Church today: touching the very core of what the New Covenant is about. This very reality brings the highest transformation in this age.” [4]

What Candler has unknowingly asserted is that the gospel is not enough–we are “dead men” until we experience the “transformation” through contemplative prayer. She, of course, would not see it this way at all. To the contemplatives, this deceptive meditative state is what Jesus intended for us all along.

Contemplative prayer is foundational to IHOP-KC. click here for more info and source notes

Reader: Candler spoke at Session 7 but as of yet her session has not been put up on the Onething 2014 site.

Reinhard Bonnke replaces Joyce Meyer at IHOP-KC Onething 2014

Describing him as “one of the most powerful evangelists of all time,” an IHOP-KC communication states, “We are thrilled to announce that Reinhard Bonnke will be joining us for Onething 2014!” [1]

Bonnke is the hoped for high-recognition replacement for the departed Joyce Meyers, who canceled due to “some unforeseeable personal circumstances.” [2]

Source Note 1

Source Note 2

Learn about IHOP-KC: Click Here

Joyce Meyer cancels speaking engagement at IHOP-KC Onething 2014

Joyce Meyer will not be speaking at the International House of Prayer Onething 2014 event.

According to an IHOP-KC Leadership Team notification, “Joyce expressed her regret to us that she is unable to be with us and has had to cancel her visit at the last minute.”

The reason for this unexpected cancellation is attributed to “some unforeseeable personal circumstances.”

Source: click here

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“The Prosperity Priestess and the pied piper of IHOP” by Marsha West

Joyce Meyer is scheduled to speak at IHOP-KC’s Onething Conference in December. Marsha West examines this Mike Bickle/Joyce Meyer “team-up” and the implications thereof.

You can read the entire Marsha West article by linking HERE

Want information on Mike Bickle and International House of Prayer?

Many, many people are interested in what is happening at Bethel Redding and International House of Prayer. Here is a link to Apostasy Watch, where information has been gathered about Mike Bickle and IHOP-KC. You will find contemplative and Catholic influence, an incorrect view of endtimes, and much more. LINK:
Apostasy Watch

Also, for extremely thorough analysis of what IHOP-KC teaches, go to Herescope and Herescope

So..please explain contemplative prayer???

In his chapter, Contemplative Prayer, the New Age, and Psalm 46:10, Warren B. Smith, author of “Another Jesus” Calling, writes, “What I came to realize years ago was that the [contemplative/meditative] silence allowed deceptive spirits to establish contact with those of us who were naive and undiscerning ‘listeners.'” (p. 80)

Smith was involved with the New Age, and thus speaks from personal experience.

Smith continues, “The conditions of stillness, openness, and receptivity were ideal for deceptive spirits to inject ungodly thoughts and understandings into out minds.” (pp. 80-81)

Alcoholics Anonymous (read article), the International House of Prayer, and the Emergent Church have been influenced or shaped by contemplative prayer. So have many other organizations and individuals.

Where else can this practice be found? Well, contemplative prayer continues to spread through the Body of Christ. The author of “Another Jesus” Calling notes, “And now the same thing is going on in the church which sees no need to test the spirits.” (pg.81)

Here, by S.E. Ray, is a well researched and readable article about this form of anti-biblical meditation.  Please excuse the long link line, as my own computer is down and this library version is too complex for my simple mind. LINK:

Explaining contemplative prayer

Why is IHOP-KC’s obsession with contemplative prayer so dangerous? Of course, it is not just Mike Bickle’s organization that is so involved with this deceptive practice. Not by a long shot.

Lighthouse Trails has just released a booklet/tract, So You Want to Practice “Good” Contemplative Prayer…What’s Wrong With That?

Written by Lynn Lusby Pratt, this offers a clear and concise definition and explanation. If you have friends in the International House of Prayer, or in A.A. and practicing Step 11, or in a mainstream church–or anywhere else where this anti-biblical meditation can be found–this is a valuable resource.

This booklet/tract is sold individually, or in multiples.

If you want to read it, here is the Link.


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