Marsha West: Sad state of Christian music

“I’m simply pointing out that Christians should pay attention to the words they are singing because a believer’s sole aim is to glorify God,” writes Marsha West.  “Words matter! Even the words you sing must be Christ-centered not man-centered. Songs that contain lyrics taken verbatim from Scripture are most likely Christ-centered.” 

Marsha West, long one of my favorite writers, has some thought-provoking comments on the state of the Christian music we hear and play today. By the way, any article by West is probably going to make you think. Or wince. Or reconsider your position.


Eric Barger Testimony

Drugs. Sex. Rock and roll. Salvation instead of damnation. Eric Barger’s testimony glorifies the Lord. Eric speaks in churches all around the country, warning about things like The Shack. I know the many readers of this blog (all seven of you) will appreciate what the Lord has done. Be encouraged! Eric’s testimony:

(And the A.A. articles are just below…)

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Korn musician sober through Christ, not A.A.

Hurt – and healed – by love: Korn’s fieldy on sobriety, faith, and more


In spite of his prolonged substance abuse, he’s adamant that neither rehab nor Alcoholics Anonymous could have helped him.

“It wouldn’t work, because I just can’t trust that whoever – the founder of rehab or whoever put this book out – they put a book out and said, ‘This is the way.’ Why is that person better than me? I could put a book out saying you can become sober. But when you become sober, are you going to have that peace? Is your heart going to be filled? If you look at the A.A. book, it’s thicker than a Bible! The Bible’s free, and some rehabs cost $30,000.”

Twelve Step-based programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous employ a language of inclusiveness, subscribing to the God of your understanding, or one’s ‘Higher Power.’

“I don’t really agree with that. The Bible says that nobody comes to God but through his son Jesus Christ. If there are some A.A.’s that are going through Christ, I’m fine with it. The ones I know, they only use ‘God.’ But because the Bible says that nobody comes to God but by Jesus Christ – if they’re not doing it that way, then I can’t agree with any of them.


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