IHOP-KC’s Mike Bickle on fake and “genuine” Holy Spirit manifestations

Mike Bickle tells the IHOP-KC students, “I know that I know the value of genuine manifestations. The real. Again I’ve seen, and I’ve had it happen to me, people thrashed around, I’ve seen people thrown against walls, and across rooms. I’ve seen a lot of fake, but I’ve seen a lot of real.” (5:15 in video)

Incredibly, Mike Bickle says he does not allow fake manifestations of the Holy Spirit up on the platform, but “I will allow the fake in the room because I so believe in the genuine.” (6:25)


Francis Chan and Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd are scheduled to speak at IHOP-KC’s Onething convention in late December 2015.  Because of Floyd’s participation, many SBC members will be exposed via the internet to the IHOP-KC organization. Catholic Matt Maher will be one of the worship leaders.

This is far more than an International House of Prayer public relations victory. This is the growing ecumenism that is contributing to the rise of the false church.

In the above video, Bickle encourages the young people to seek genuine manifestations of the Holy Spirit, while warning that 80% of what occurs is fake. He discourages those he calls “auto-manifesters” and “auto-screamers.” Significantly, and unfortunately, the danger of demonic deception and manifestation is never addressed.

Manifestations, signs and wonders. Like Bill Johnson of Bethel Redding, Mike Bickle continues to emphasize a “bells-and-whistles” theology.

Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment.  (James 3:1)

As Holly Pivec points out, Bickle has misinterpreted scripture, which has served to further the bells-and-whistles agenda. [1]

Please watch the entire video, as I have by no means transcribed every relevant statement. In his message to the IHOP-KC students, Bickle is essentially trying to get the cat back into the bag. He is addressing abuses, while defending some “manifestions” as genuine.

Bickle states, “I’ve experienced many different times of manifestations personally.” (2:42 in video)

“I know that I know the value of genuine manifestations. The real. Again I’ve seen, and I’ve had it happen to me, people thrashed around, I’ve seen people thrown against walls, and across rooms. I’ve seen a lot of fake, but I’ve seen a lot of real.” (5:15)

So…people getting thrown across rooms is the Holy Spirit?

“…it’s not all fake and the genuine is in our midst, and I will allow a whole lot of hamburger helper to allow the genuine to take place. I will not promote it but I will allow it, because the genuine is so important to the Kingdom of God.” (6:04)

As noted, Mike Bickle says he does not allow fake manifestations of the Holy Spirit up on the platform, but “I will allow the fake in the room because I so believe in the genuine.” (6:25)

And, of course, in hypercharismania, a good manifestation is sometimes the “holy laughter”:

“I’ve had times when the Lord’s come on me and I’ve laughed and I could not stop. A few times it was really embarrassing because I was in a situation where it would have been better if I could have stopped.” (2:59)

It would be far better for the Body of Christ if Chan and Floyd canceled their Onething speaking engagements, but it is not likely. Chan, after all, has already been a Onething speaker in 2013. Nor will Catholic Matt Maher be canceled. Mike Bickle, like many contemplatives, seems spiritually unable or unwilling to discern the vast chasm between Catholic theology and the Truth of the Bible.

If you want to further investigate these Catholic and contemplative leanings  click here.

Source Notes:

1. http://www.spiritoferror.org/2013/04/bickles-bible-botching/2989

[This video is twice the length as the one covered in 2013]


Latest addition to Bethel Redding Snack Pack

This should have been there a long time ago, but Mark Chironna’s New Age/Quantum Mysticism at Bethel Redding Conference  has been added to the Bethel Redding Snack Pack (column to your right).

12 Steps “certainly not from God” says T.A. McMahon

A.A. co-founder Bill Wilson  “had an experience (which he viewed as spiritual enlightenment) that convinced him that only ‘a Power greater than’ himself could keep him sober. Attempting to understand his mystical experience, he was led into spiritism, a form of divination condemned in the Scriptures. His official biography indicates that the content of the 12-Steps principles came to him ‘rapidly’ through spirit communication. Certainly not from God.”  writes The Berean Call’s T.A. McMahon. Read The Berean Call article

Assemblies of God District leader “does not endorse or recommend the ministry” of Bethel Church Redding or Bill Johnson

“I wish to communicate a very clear position on the Redding, California Bethel Church, Bill Johnson movement. I have had 3 calls this week, one from out of the country, on our position as a District on this matter. The Northern California Nevada Assemblies of God does not endorse or recommend the ministry of Bethel Church Redding or Rev. Bill Johnson. Hope this is clear. James R. Braddy”

–Posted on the Facebook group “Conservatively speaking…In the Assemblies of God”

Wait a minute. What’s troubling about Bethel Redding? Here, you make the call. Click here: Bethel Redding Snack Pack

What Spurgeon would have said about Alcoholics Anonymous

Open a Bible and there is no debate about this at all. A.A. is an anti-biblical religion. Many have been weakened or destroyed through Alcoholics Anonymous. Would that we would take seriously Spurgeon’s warning about refusing spiritual fellowship with those who undermine the gospel.

In other words, we must not drink from the same spiritual cup as the world.

Spurgeon stated:

“Numbers of our good brethren remain in fellowship with those who are undermining the Gospel, and they talk of their conduct as if it were a loving course which the Lord will approve in the day of His appearing. We cannot understand them. The bounden duty of a true believer towards men who profess to reject the fundamentals of the Gospel, is to come out from among them. Complicity with error will take from the best of men the power to enter any successful protest against. When will Christians learn that separation from evil is not only our privilege, but our duty?”

— Dr. C.H. Spurgeon

2 Corinthians 6:14-17 is clear (or as clear as one allows it to be):

Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness?.

Or what harmony has Christ with Belial, or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever? .

Or what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For we are the temple of the living God; just as God said,
And I will welcome you. (2 Corinthians 6:14-17)

One Year Later–No Response From Thomas Nelson on Changing Jesus Calling: Damage Control For A False Christ

[Reader, Jesus Calling, God Calling, and the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous all have a common denominator: They are all the product of automatic writing, also known as spirit dictation. It is no coincidence that A.A.’s most popular meditation book is based in large part upon God Calling, which is itself the inspiration for Jesus Calling. ( READ ) When Warren Smith exposed untruths in the very popular Jesus Calling, things got very…interesting .]

According to Lighthouse Trails:

One year ago, we released the booklet, Changing Jesus Calling: Damage Control for a False Christ by Warren B. Smith. To date, Thomas Nelson, the publisher for Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling has yet to publicly respond to the behind-the-scenes changing of Jesus Calling. We are reposting the article below because we continue to receive frequent phone calls at the Lighthouse Trails office where callers tells us many people they know are reading Jesus Calling. Before reading the article below, consider the following three questions:

  1. Why aren’t Sarah Young and her publisher Thomas Nelson being held accountable for the manipulation of Christian readers around the world in the name of Jesus?
  2. Why aren’t Christian pastors and Christian leaders warning Christians about this deceptive book and the practices surrounding this book?
  3. If Sarah Young stands by the  practices she and her publisher have undertaken to protect her book, why is she not available for interviews regarding what they have done?

Changing “Jesus Calling”—Damage Control for a False Christ

By Warren B. Smith

Publisher Problems
What if you are a major publisher like Thomas Nelson and you suddenly discover that your  mega best-selling book Jesus Calling was inspired by a channeled New Age book? And what if you find out that some of the “messages” your author “received” from her “Jesus” weren’t really from Jesus because they contradict what the real Jesus Christ says in the Bible? And what if your best-selling author has introduced a host of other problems in her book that your usually sharp editors had somehow overlooked? What do you do given these issues are already in of ten million previously published books? If you want to be fair to your readers, you deal honestly with these problems as they are brought to your attention. However, if you are more interested in protecting your product rather than in protecting the truth, you do everything in your power to make these problems disappear. One thing is for sure. Sarah Young and Thomas Nelson have made some of their problems suddenly disappear in recent editions of Jesus Calling—most especially in a special 10th anniversary edition of Jesus Calling released on September 30, 2014.

Like the Watergate Tapes
Perhaps taking their cue from the missing eighteen-and-a-half minutes from Richard Nixon’s Watergate tapes, Sarah Young and Thomas Nelson have been systematically deleting controversial material from Jesus Calling. Adding, subtracting, cutting, pasting, and completely eliminating problematic words, sentences, and even whole paragraphs, Young and her editors do not hesitate to put words in the mouth of their “Jesus,” even as they take others away. But like the Watergate tapes, the missing evidence and their in-your-face tactics are doing more to expose their problems than cover them up.

“Another Jesus” Calling   
In the fall of 2013, my book “Another Jesus” Calling was published by Lighthouse Trails Publishing. I was not the first person to express concern about Jesus Calling, but not much had been written up to that point. As our concerns were publicized, Sarah Young and Thomas Nelson obviously became aware of our objections. Without a word of explanation to anyone, significant alterations have been made to recent editions of Jesus Calling. (click here to continue reading article)

Alcoholics Anonymous pagan symbol speaks volumes

Originally posted on My Word Like Fire:

In Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Of Age,  Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill Wilson writes, “That we have chosen this symbol is perhaps no mere accident. The priests and seers of antiquity regarded the circle enclosing the triangle as a means of warding off spirits of evil, and AA’s circle of Recovery, Unity, and Service has certainly meant all that to us and much more.” (Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Of Age, pg.139, Bold mine)

The pagan symbol, for years closely identified with AA, speaks volumes. If only some pro-AA authors could be more upfront about the AA co-founders themselves.

Erroneously portrayed as a Christian, Bill Wilson was used to bring 12 Step spirituality into the culture and into the very Body of Christ.

There is nothing holy about the 12 Steps. Given to Bill Wilson by a familiar spirit (READ), the 12 Steps have been a major factor in the dilution of Christianity. Nor…

View original 129 more words

Author on A.A. co-founder’s automatic writing: “Bill Wilson was very good at this.”

“Bill Wilson was very good at this. He would set a pen down on a piece of paper, close his eyes, and wait for the spirit to guide his hand.” [1]

“[I]t might be said for the cofounders at least, A.A. was entangled with spiritualism from the very beginning.” [2]

“Now, these people, [A.A. co-founders] Bill and Bob, believed vigorously and aggressively. They were working away at the spiritualism; it was not just a hobby.” [3]

“Do not seek out mediums and spiritists; do not seek out and be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God.” (Leviticus 19:31) 

Related: Saturday spiritualism sessions with A.A. co-founder Bill Wilson

Source Notes:

  1. Susan Cheever, My Name is Bill: Bill Wilson : His Life and the Creation of Alcoholics Anonymous, p.205
  2. Matthew J. Raphael, Bill W. and Mr. Wilson, p.159
  3. PASS IT ON, A.A. World Services Inc., p.280 (Early A.A. member Tom Powers)

Saturday spiritualism sessions with A.A. co-founder Bill Wilson

In PASS IT ON, A.A.’s official biography of Bill Wilson, Lois Wilson recounts some of her husband’s experiences of 1941. Saturday was generally the scheduled day for these psychic adventures. “Bill would lie down on the couch. He would ‘get’ these things. He kept doing it every week or so. Each time, certain people would ‘come in.’ Sometimes, it would be new ones, and they’d carry on some story.”[1]

So, “every week or so,” Wilson would open himself to this entity (or entities), and “certain people would ‘come in.’” Today this is known as channeling.

For Bill Wilson, unsaved and in bondage to familiar spirits, the Bible was not understood as the holy Word of God. No doubt he considered it valuable, but he did not live by it or obey it. He didn’t know Christ as Savior. This is why he had so many adulterous affairs, even though his own wife had remained steadfast and loyal for many years. This is why he invited unclean spirits to enter into him.

When they say to you, “Consult the mediums and the spiritists who whisper and mutter,” should not a people consult their God? Should they consult the dead on behalf of the living?
To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because they have no dawn. (Isaiah 8:19-20)
One time Wilson believed the spirit of deceased evangelist Dwight Moody warned him about the past. [2] The demons must have chortled over that one.
Susan Cheever writes, “Some members thought the psychic activity Bill indulged in made him look crazy; others, who actually believed he was able to summon spirits from another world, were afraid he was speaking with evil spirits, or a hodgepodge of ghosts who would almost definitely give him bad advice or try to confuse him.” [3]
The fact is, far from having a Christian origin, A.A. and the 12 Steps were founded and formed with much unholy guidance.

Source Notes:

  1. PASS IT ON, Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc., pg. 278-79
  2. Susan Cheever, My Name is Bill: Bill Wilson : His Life and the Creation of Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 205
  3. Ibid., p. 207

The occult practice of automatic writing and A.A.’s 12 Steps

It’s too late. Alcoholics Anonymous has served its purpose. That purpose has been to weaken the church, dilute the theology of Christians exposed to the 12 Step religion, and to point unbelievers away from Christ.

Through A.A. and other 12 Step groups, millions of Christians have placed Christ in a modern day pantheon, a temple of many gods, and have become used to spiritually fellowshipping with non-Christians. (2 Corinthians 6:14-17)

Although frequently (and wrongly) portrayed as Christians, A.A. co-founders Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith delved deeply into the biblically forbidden practice of spiritualism.

“As for the person who turns to mediums and spiritists, to play the harlot after them, I will also set My Face against that person and will cut him off from his people.” (Leviticus 20:6)

As one biography notes, “Bill Wilson believed in spirits. There is a ‘spook’ room downstairs in Stepping Stones where he, [wife] Lois, and other like-minded recovering alcoholics tried to visit the spirit world and communicate with the dead. The archives have folders of the automatic writing he did when he and Lois would use their Ouija board to invite the spirits to join them.”  (Susan Cheever, My Name is Bill: Bill Wilson : His Life and the Creation of Alcoholics Anonymous, p.157)

There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. (Deuteronomy 18:10-11)
According to Bill Wilson himself, “The ouija board began moving in earnest. What followed was the fairly usual experience-it was a strange melange of Aristotle, St. Francis, diverse archangels with odd names, deceased friends–some in purgatory and others doing nicely, thank you! There were malign and mischievious ones of all descriptions telling of vices quite beyond my ken, even as former alcoholics. Then, the seemingly virtuous entities would elbow them out with messages of comfort, information, advice—and sometimes just sheer nonsense.”  (PASS IT ON, Wilson’s official A.A. biography, p. 278) (bold mine)
T.A. McMahon, Editor of the Berean Call, writes, “A.A.’s official biography indicates Bill Wilson received the details of the 12 Steps through spirit dictation. Scripture condemns communication with familiar spirits. The Second and Third Steps encourage turning one’s life over to a ‘Higher Power’ and ‘God as we under[stand] Him.’ Any higher power? Yes! Any idea of God? Yes!”  (T.A. McMahon, The Berean Call Newsletter, March 1, 2002) (bold mine)
In the 1930s Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith attended the Oxford Group, an organization which has been repeatedly and incorrectly identified as Christian by author Dick B. and others. In truth, the Oxford Group avoided taking a stand on doctrine, and taught its members a demonic meditative practice.
The great preacher H.A. Ironside had to deal with the Oxford Group in his own city. In a sermon, Dr. Ironside warned about the Oxford Group’s unholy meditation (emptying the mind) which often culminated in the practice of automatic writing:

Each one is urged in the morning to sit down quietly with the mind emptied of every thought, generally with a pencil in hand, waiting for God to say something to them. They wait and wait and wait. Sometimes they tell me nothing happens, at other times the most amazing things come. Tested by the Word of God many of these things are unscriptural. They lay themselves open for demons to communicate their blasphemous thoughts to them.  (H.A. Ironside, The Oxford Group: Is It Scriptural? (New York: Loizeauz Brothers, Publishers, 1943) (italics mine)

Automatic Writing, also called spirit dictation, occurs when a person channels communication from an unclean, deceptive spirit. The 12 Steps did not come from Christ.

A.A.’s co-founder was in bondage to familiar spirits for decades. For more information regarding Bill Wilson’s spiritualism, please read this.


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