Butterflies’ Alcoholics Anonymous Testimony

This is my AA Testimony–

Who is my accuser? Every time you go to a meeting you are defeated. “Hello my name is ——-I am an addict or alcoholic.” Think of how cleverly devised Satan’s scheme is here, you are never free, you are always sick, you are always afflicted with Alcoholism. There is no cure!

Of course as one learns the Word of God one quickly realizes this goes against the word of God …how can that be? How can I have victory in Christ if I’m always condemning myself to failure?
Truth is truth..what is God mainly concerned with? Your soul. You may stumble, you may fall, but carry your cross–follow Him. That is what we are called to do: we are called to abide in Christ. Now if we are in this program you may be clean and sober but with a lost soul! Think about how many clean and sober hell bound people who just don’t need anything but AA or NA . What a clever plan of Satan!

A true Follower of Jesus who reads scripture will begin to see the Word of God.. and the workings of NA and AA. The “bible” of AA [the Big Book] begins to collide with your faith. It is absolutely undeniable. Being in those rooms does not make any sense.

How in the world can your god (everybody’s higher power is different) and your god…a room full of gods have the power to keep you clean and sober? Your god isn’t real!

Butterflies isn’t through. Here is the link. She is the second post: http://www.rr-bb.com/showthread.php?t=108993

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