Dutch Sheets and divorcing America from the spirit of Baal

If you have been reading retired AG pastor Orrel Steinkamp’s jaw-dropping Herescope series on Divorcing Baal (HERE), this Youtube video of Dutch Sheets at The Call in 2007 may fill in some background for you. Dutch Sheets states, “I became convinced that this principality worshiped as a false god or idol in many Scripture references is the strong man ruling over America.” Elsewhere in the video, Sheets proclaims, “This is the day that divorce occurs for America against the spirit of Baal.”

Near the end of the video, he says, “We have filed for divorce I say to you, and the Lord has authorized me to say this to you today. This is a courtroom. Today court is in session and the Ancient of Days has taken His seat.”  (VIEW

My thanks to Stan, a reader who pointed this video out in his comments over at Slaughter of the Sheep. (Go to the second comment made after the article HERE).

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  1. Thank you for showing this Dutch Sheets teaching and giving the link to it.

  2. I found this also ~~

    Although the Hebrew definition of baal is master or lord, Sheets has added much untruth to make his point.

    Baal (Teaching from Dutch Sheets)
     Through a season of tremendous, as well as confirmation from many key leaders, God has exposed the spirit of Baal as one of the strongmen-perhaps the
    strongman-over America.
     Baal is identified as the ruler of the demons.
    Matthew 12:24 (Beelzebub is another name for Baal)
     Baal-hamon, one of Baal’s names, means “the lord of wealth or abundance.” Chuck Pierce believes, and I agree, that this is the principality warring against the great transfer of wealth to the church.
    You must war against this spirit to see your inheritance released. Claim *Jeremiah 51:44 (Bel in this verse is Baal).
     Baal-berith, another of his names, means “the lord of the covenant.” The Hebrew word baal actually means “husband” or “marriage.” This spirit always attempted to cause Israel to “divorce” or break covenant with God and “marry” or align with him. Consistent with this, in so many ways America has broken covenant with God and married Baal. This is, I believe, the strongman behind most covenant-breaking.
     Baal is the strongman behind sexual perversion. Homosexuality was and is one of his big strongholds. I believe all of the sexual sin and perversion in America is, to one degree or another, under Baal’s orchestration. You will continue to see God expose leaders in the church who aligned themselves with this spirit. Pray for the church to be cleansed and for Baal’s hold on America in this area to be broken.
     Baal always goes after the next generation, trying to cut off the extension of God’s covenantal purposes. He is a violent spirit and even required human sacrifice. Abortion is under Baal, as is the “cutting” of today’s young generation (see 1 Kings 18:28), the vampire and goth movement, and the death culture in general that has so invaded America. Baal is leading the fight to avert the great awakening planned for the young generation of Americans today. Pray against and bind these efforts.
     Witchcraft and occult spirits in general operate under Baal. So does Jezebel.


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