Why did Mike Bickle of IHOP-KC ask the Pope the wrong question?

In her article, NAR Leaders meet with the Pope, Holly Pivec of Spirit of Error  writes:

By asking the Pope about universalism, Bickle showed that he apparently doesn’t understand the Catholic position on salvation. The Roman Catholic Church does not hold to universalism, the belief that all belief systems are equally valid (like Hinduism, Buddhism, atheism, etc.). The Roman Catholic Church since Vatican II has held a doctrine known as “inclusivism”—the belief that there’s just one way to be saved (through Jesus Christ and through the Roman Catholic Church), but explicit knowledge of Jesus Christ and a profession of faith in him are not required to experience his salvation. In other words, people of other religions can be saved by Christ—without believing in him—so long as they’re sincere. Catholic inclusivism is very different from exclusivism—the view historically held by Protestants—that salvation is available only to those who have explicitly put their trust in Christ. Catholic teaching on inclusivism offers a false hope that salvation can be experienced apart from conscious faith in Christ—a hope not held out in Scripture. As a result, inclusivism undercuts the urgency of missionary efforts to take the gospel to the unreached.

Bickle’s line of questioning the Pope leads me to believe that he doesn’t understand Catholic teaching on inclusivism. If he did understand it, he wouldn’t have asked the Pope about a different teaching—universalism. And he may not have been so satisfied with the Pope’s assurance he believes that “Jesus is the only way of salvation.” He would have realized that this statement— consistent with inclusivism—still allows for people in other religions to be saved.

A more disturbing case would be if Bickle did, indeed, understand inclusivism. In this hypothetical situation, asking the Pope about universalism (when Bickle already knew the Catholic party line) would seem to have been disingenuous. Bickle would have been giving his followers a false sense of security by suggesting that Catholic inclusivism and Protestant exclusivism are the same. Granted, that possibility is just speculation. But it’s the only way I can make sense of Bickle’s seemingly misguided questions—apart from assuming they were prompted by theological ignorance. click here to continue reading Holly Pivec’s article

Contemplative prayer on IHOP-KC’s “Core Values” list

The following list of IHOP-KC VALUES has been removed from the web:

A. Values that are not implemented are not values. We need to ensure that we have a values conversion. We must help all IHOP-KC staff implement the IHOP-KC values.

B. Passion for Jesus via the Knowledge of God
1. Bridal paradigm of the Kingdom – Jesus as Bridegroom, King and Judge
2. Contemplative Prayer in intimacy with God – sitting at the feet of Jesus is not a waste. We emphasize “being” (who we are in God) more than “doing” (accomplishing tasks for God). Emphasizing being a lover of God before being a worker for God. Deep communion with the Holy Spirit. Absorbed in the contemplation of God. Inspire people to love Jesus passionately as extravagant lovers – Matt. 22:37; John 17:26; SoS 8:6. [2] (Bold mine)

Note that the Core Values list states, “We need to ensure that we have a values conversion. We must help all IHOP-KC staff implement the IHOP-KC values.”

My Word Like Fire

“There’s no biblical definition of contemplative prayer.” — Mike Bickle, IHOP-KC [1]

So, what if there was a way to go deeper with God? What if this was something the monks did centuries ago, but was still available today? There are wonderful spiritual experiences reported through this practice–and some say we can’t really know the fullness of God without it.

What if you went to a place that prayed and worshiped all the time, and this technique was approved and advocated by leadership? A place, for instance, like International House of Prayer.

Would you do it? If your leaders encouraged it? Would you go “deeper”?

This practice is called contemplative prayer. It is really the same thing as Eastern or new age meditation, and it offers the same gateway to spiritual deception. Contemplative prayer is foundational to International House of Prayer teaching. When Mike Bickle or other IHOP leaders speak about Catholic mystics like Teresa of Avila, or John of the Cross, they are…

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IHOP-KC embraces ecumenism, Catholicism (video)

In this video, International House of Prayer leader Mike Bickle includes the Catholic religion in “the Body of Christ.”

Here is the link: click here

Here is what is on the video: Mike Bickle and the Catholic Ecumenical Track sponsor, Keith Major, emoting about the  Catholic Track at IHOP-KC’s Onething 2015 conference. Onething 2015 did indeed take place with Catholic participation.

“As for the message you have spoken to us in the name of the Lord, we are not going to listen to you! But rather we will certainly carry out every word that has proceeded from our mouths, by burning sacrifices to the queen of heaven and pouring out drink offerings to her…” (Jeremiah 44:17)



Mike Bickle’s admission about Catholic influence on International House of Prayer

This information has been withheld from the IHOP-KC/Onething website: Mike Bickle has invited the Catholic Church to participate in the IHOP-KC Onething 2015 conference.  The Catholics have accepted. This Onething partnership almost came to pass in 2012, but thankfully did not happen. Here is what IHOP-KC founder Mike Bickle had to say about Catholic influence on IHOP-KC back then:

From the Office of Public Relations, Franciscan University of Steubenville, 11/9/12:

“The International House of Prayer (IHOP) was founded in 1999 by Mike Bickle, who says that many IHOP teachings draw upon the works of St. John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila, as well as contemporary Catholics including Father Henri Nouwen and Father Thomas Dubay, SM. The IHOP 24 hour prayer room, he says, was inspired by the spiritual practices of  Catholic European monks, such as St. Bernard of Clairvaux. ‘I’ve always had a passion for Catholic-Christian unity, and enthusiastically welcome this years Catholic track,’ says Bickle. ‘We may have different religious traditions, but we focus on fellowship, and unity and Jesus being glorified in prayer, worship, and teaching.’” [1] (bold mine)

“The most crucial problem with the Roman Catholic Church is its belief that faith alone in Christ is not sufficient for salvation,” states Gotquestions.org. [2]

“The Bible clearly and consistently states that receiving Jesus Christ as Savior, by grace through faith, grants salvation (John 1:12; 3:16; Acts 16:31, Romans 10:9-10, 13; Ephesians 2:8-9) The Roman Catholic Church rejects this.  …If a person believes what the Catholic Church officially teaches, he/she will not be saved. Any claim that works or rituals must be added to faith in order for salvation to be achieved is a claim that Jesus’ death was not sufficient to fully purchase our salvation.” [3]

A profound and terrible thing is happening here. Which Christian “leader” is next to play a part in pointing the visible church towards Rome? James Robison? Kenneth Copeland? Beth Moore? Rick Warren?

Oh. Wait.  These people have already done that.

This grievous move by IHOP-KC may be the beginning of a sadly spectacular syncretism.

IHOP-KC is working to undo the Reformation, and must be considered a factor in the end time deception.

Related article:    IHOP-KC once again withholds mention of Catholic participation at IHOP-KC Onething 2015 conference


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2. http://www.gotquestions.org/catholicism.html

3. Ibid.

International House of Prayer Gobble Fest

Try the turkey.

 Catholic Church participating in IHOP-KC Onething 2015 convention

IHOP-KC’s Mike Bickle–powerful evangelist for contemplative prayer

Like Priscilla Shirer, IHOP-KC has taught people to imagine themselves as characters in Bible stories

IHOP-KC’s Mike Bickle on fake and “genuine” Holy Spirit manifestations

Mike Bickle tells the IHOP-KC students, “I know that I know the value of genuine manifestations. The real. Again I’ve seen, and I’ve had it happen to me, people thrashed around, I’ve seen people thrown against walls, and across rooms. I’ve seen a lot of fake, but I’ve seen a lot of real.” (5:15 in video)

Incredibly, Mike Bickle says he does not allow fake manifestations of the Holy Spirit up on the platform, but “I will allow the fake in the room because I so believe in the genuine.” (6:25)


Francis Chan and Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd are scheduled to speak at IHOP-KC’s Onething convention in late December 2015.  Because of Floyd’s participation, many SBC members will be exposed via the internet to the IHOP-KC organization. Catholic Matt Maher will be one of the worship leaders.

This is far more than an International House of Prayer public relations victory. This is the growing ecumenism that is contributing to the rise of the false church.

In the above video, Bickle encourages the young people to seek genuine manifestations of the Holy Spirit, while warning that 80% of what occurs is fake. He discourages those he calls “auto-manifesters” and “auto-screamers.” Significantly, and unfortunately, the danger of demonic deception and manifestation is never addressed.

Manifestations, signs and wonders. Like Bill Johnson of Bethel Redding, Mike Bickle continues to emphasize a “bells-and-whistles” theology.

Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment.  (James 3:1)

As Holly Pivec points out, Bickle has misinterpreted scripture, which has served to further the bells-and-whistles agenda. [1]

Please watch the entire video, as I have by no means transcribed every relevant statement. In his message to the IHOP-KC students, Bickle is essentially trying to get the cat back into the bag. He is addressing abuses, while defending some “manifestions” as genuine.

Bickle states, “I’ve experienced many different times of manifestations personally.” (2:42 in video)

“I know that I know the value of genuine manifestations. The real. Again I’ve seen, and I’ve had it happen to me, people thrashed around, I’ve seen people thrown against walls, and across rooms. I’ve seen a lot of fake, but I’ve seen a lot of real.” (5:15)

So…people getting thrown across rooms is the Holy Spirit?

“…it’s not all fake and the genuine is in our midst, and I will allow a whole lot of hamburger helper to allow the genuine to take place. I will not promote it but I will allow it, because the genuine is so important to the Kingdom of God.” (6:04)

As noted, Mike Bickle says he does not allow fake manifestations of the Holy Spirit up on the platform, but “I will allow the fake in the room because I so believe in the genuine.” (6:25)

And, of course, in hypercharismania, a good manifestation is sometimes the “holy laughter”:

“I’ve had times when the Lord’s come on me and I’ve laughed and I could not stop. A few times it was really embarrassing because I was in a situation where it would have been better if I could have stopped.” (2:59)

It would be far better for the Body of Christ if Chan and Floyd canceled their Onething speaking engagements, but it is not likely. Chan, after all, has already been a Onething speaker in 2013. Nor will Catholic Matt Maher be canceled. Mike Bickle, like many contemplatives, seems spiritually unable or unwilling to discern the vast chasm between Catholic theology and the Truth of the Bible.

If you want to further investigate these Catholic and contemplative leanings  click here.

Source Notes:

1. http://www.spiritoferror.org/2013/04/bickles-bible-botching/2989

[This video is twice the length as the one covered in 2013]


Southern Baptist Convention President to speak at IHOP-KC’s “Onething” gathering?

Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd will be speaking in December at Onething, the International House of Prayer’s annual celebration/convention. So will Francis Chan–for the second time. Onething takes place December 28-31, 2015.

Catholic Matt Maher will be one of the worship leaders. The IHOP Onething Worship and Leaders page notes that Maher played at the World Meeting of Families, which marked “Pope Francis’ first visit to the U.S. this year.”

Ronnie Floyd’s appearance at Onething potentially opens Southern Baptist members to IHOP-KC influence . How many SBC members will be watching Onething online because Floyd will be speaking there? As noted in Francis Chan as IHOP-KC’s public relations agent?, Chan’s 2013 participation in Onething was a public relations bonanza for IHOP-KC.

It should be stated that there are people in IHOP-KC who are saved. Those who have broad-brushed everyone in IHOP-KC as being heretics or apostates are in in error. Many of the young people who come to IHOP-KC are already Christians, and they want the hands-on experience that IHOP-KC seemingly offers.

Should we be concerned with IHOP-KC’s teachings? Yes. Should Christians accept or participate in IHOP-KC? We should not.

IHOP-KC is built on a contemplative foundation. Because of this, much deception has occurred. It is part of the New Apostolic Reformation (more on this in Part Two), and leader Mike Bickle, like many other contemplatives, is seemingly unconcerned about the profound differences between Catholic theology and that of the Bible.

This spiritual blindness makes sense, given Bickle’s enchantment with the long-dead Catholic contemplatives who helped spread this unholy meditative practice. Two of the most influential Catholic contemplatives were (are) Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross. Incredibly, Bickle states that he wants Father Thomas Dubay’s Fire Within, a book about these two mystics, to “be the manual for IHOP-KC.” (Read)

End Part One

To Be Continued

Part Two will cover IHOP-KC’s false teachings, Catholic leanings, NAR ideology, and long term contemplative influence.



Catholic Track at Onething 2012

Charismatic Catholic Oreste Pesare is an Empowered21 Global Leader. E21, as I am growing tired of saying, has served as a public relations bonanza for the New Apostolic Reformation. The NAR, I believe, will increasingly merge with Catholicism. Here, from 2012, was IHOP-KC Mike Bickle’s attempt to bring the Catholics into his Onething conference. (Fortunately, Catholic participation was canceled). Bickle is one of the most powerful NAR adherents.

About the “mantle” NAR’s Chuck Pierce gave to Glenn Beck

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is weak on doctrine and lacking in wisdom, judgment, and discernment.

For some in this movement, that is an understatement: The Grand Poohbah of the NAR, C. Peter Wagner, holds to open theism. This is the belief that God might not have absolute foreknowledge of all things. [1] Apparently there are a few in the apostolic movement who “hold to the doctrine of Oneness,” and Wagner is okay with these (heretics) who reject Trinitarian understanding. [2]

From Bethel Redding leader Bill Johnson’s acceptance of kenosis to IHOP-KC’s Mike Bickle’s promotion of contemplative prayer, the New Apostolic Reformation leaders have brought much error into the church.

This brings us to NAR “prophet” Chuck Pierce, who ceremonially gave a mantle to Glenn Beck, a Mormon.

According to Holly Pivec, “So when Pierce presented a mantle to Beck, people in the audience–who regard Pierce as a prophet–understood that their prophet was conferring some type of prophetic status on Beck. This should trouble Christians. Why? Because a leading prophet in the NAR is recognizing a member of the Mormon church–a cult of Christianity, which rejects essential doctrines of the Christian faith– as a true messenger of God. A true prophet of God would do no such thing.” [3] (Read)

The reach and influence of the NAR is vast, and often unrecognized. In GOD’S SUPER-APOSTLES, authors Pivec and Geivett note, “In short, NAR is a global movement with an agenda to bring back apostles and prophets to the church–apostles like Peter and Paul and prophets like Moses and Elijah. NAR leaders claim that God always intended for apostles and prophets to rule the church…” [4]

The NAR is powerful, and thankfully does not rule the entire Body of Christ. But what have NAR leaders brought us? False eschatology, false visions, contemplative prayer (IHOP-KC and Bethel Redding), twisted doctrine, introduction to quantum mysticism (Bill Johson, Mark Chironna), occult Kabbalah (Pierce), and mantles to nowhere.

Bonus: What is Kabbalah ?: http://www.gotquestions.org/Kabbalah.html

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1. C. Peter Wagner, The Changing Church: How God is leading His Church into the future, pg. 154
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New Apostolic Reformation in your church?

I have just finished reading GOD’S SUPER-APOSTLES, by R. Douglas Geivett and Holly Pivec. The book is important enough that I am reading it again before I write a review.

The Body of Christ has been greatly affected by the New Apostolic Reformation and its advocates, even when this term is not recognized. Mike Bickle of International House of Prayer, Bill Johnson of Bethel Redding, Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, C. Peter Wagner, and many others in the NAR sphere have influenced the Body of Christ.

Geivett and Pivec have written a balanced book. They write without anger and without rancor. They give a fair portrayal of NAR teachings and practices, which they examine in light of the Scriptures.

Toward the end of the book one paragraph in particular seemed to leap out at me:

“Finally, we urge you to watch for signs in your congregation that some are attracted to NAR teachings and practices. We’ve learned that deliberate infiltration is not uncommon. Take care not to lend a platform to those with aberrant beliefs. Be especially vigilant on behalf of the young people in your church. And take care to vet any potential leaders for any affiliation they may have with the NAR.” [1]

Source Notes:
1. R. Doulglas Geivett and Holly Pivec, GOD’S SUPER APOSTLES, pg. 134

More on Holly Pivec’s excellent blog: http://www.spiritoferror.org/


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