The Downward Trajectory…Charismatic Post Mortem

I have really appreciated Pastor Randles’ 10 part (so far) series on the Charismatic movement. Pastor Randles believes this started as a legitimate revival that was quickly corrupted. I have believed it was false from the very beginning–yet Pastor Randles was there, and I was not. Either way, this series provides an in depth look at the severe abuses, counterfeits, and ramifications of this movement.

Randles writes, “The Spiritual warfare movement was an exercise in mysticism which set up charismatics for the next heretical phase, the plethora of self proclaimed prophets and Apostles such as Rick Joyner, Bob Jones, John Paul Jackson, Che Ahn, C Peter Wagner, John Wimber and Mike Bickle, and a host of others, all of whom wreaked much damage to the faith and even to churches of those unfortunate and undiscerning enough to get caught up in that phase of the downward spiral.” [bold mine]

Pastor Bill Randles Blog

Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.  Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.(Matthew 7:21-23)

I was struck one day, while reading this sober passage from the Sermon on the Mount, that these words of Jesus could only apply to those ‘believers’ who are open to the supernatural manifestations. These are not Jehovah’s (false) Witnesses or Mormon heretics.

The people  who are so stunned to hear the words “Depart from me…”are congregations of those who thought they had the power of God, and the Word of…

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The Sickness Unto Death…Charismatic Post Mortem pt 4

Pastor Bill Randles Blog

There are many lessons we can learn from the death of the Charismatic movement, if we are willing and humble enough to prayerfully consider them. ( I define the death of a Spiritual movement as this; If you are worse off and further from “the only True God”for having participated). I don’t think it helpful to just dismiss everything about it as rubbish and to try to move on, for only Truth can set us free.

I would like to call our attention to the foundational source of the departure,  which is the erroneous doctrine which quickly flooded in and was widely accepted in various forms.

It is ironic that one of the features of the Charismatic movement as it developed  was an “Anti-doctrine” bias.

If I heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times and in a thousand forms, “We are not into doctrines which Divide…we are…

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Betrayed with a kiss: Azusa Now’s one world religion

[Note from My Word Like Fire: Mike Bickle of International House of Prayer united with the Catholics at Onething 2015 (see video). Now Lou Engle of The Call has furthered this apostasy. False church rising.]

Amy Spreeman of Berean Research writes:

A kiss is just a kiss? Not when it betrays the Lord Jesus Christ.  …

That’s a question that was resoundingly affirmed by Lou Engle in the sound of one sloppy wet kiss.  The NAR-affiliated false teacher Lou Engle, founder of the “Azusa Now: The Call”  exchanged foot kisses with a Roman Catholic leader live on stage in front of a cheering audience of 100,000+ packed into the LA Coliseum this past weekend.  (See video at 6 hours and 55 in:)

The video shows the two throwing themselves to the floor in prostrate humility, each proclaiming that Christians and Catholics must unite in the name of unity.  The kiss started with Matteo Calisi, the Roman Catholic leader appointed by Pope Benedict, who founded United in Christ, an organization that strives for ecumenism between Christians and Catholics. Telling the audience that division between Christians and Catholics is a “diabolical sin,” and that Jesus “doesn’t care” that Christians and Catholics disagree on biblical doctrine, he did what many Christians find unthinkable. click here to view video (go to 6 hours and 55 seconds) and continue article 

Mike Bickle among “those pastors who want to join the Catholics in unity”

“The Bible says that just before Christ comes back there would be falling away from the truth. I see this happening in those pastors who want to join the Catholics in unity.” –Excerpted from an ex-Catholic’s letter

The following is a transcription of a video message by Mike Bickle and Catholic Keith Major.They are excited that there would be a Catholic presence at International House of Prayer’s Onething 2015 conference. You can see the short video (one minute fourteen seconds) if you click to go to here.

Mike Bickle: Hello my name is Mike Bickle, I’m the Director of International House of Prayer, and I’m right here with Keith Major. Keith, you’re hosting and sponsoring our Catholic ecumenical track at Onething, the young adult conference.

Keith Major: Umm humm.

Mike Bickle: We’re expecting thousands of young people from all around, so tell us what’s on your heart because we’re so excited to have you here. What an honor and a blessing that you guys are dong this together and coming to join with us in this building.

Keith Major: Well, I learned so much from you the six and half years I was on staff, and I just want to share this experience with my Catholic friends, so I’d like to thank you for even hosting, letting us come into your conference and learn from you, because we have so much to learn from what you’re doing with the prayer [unclear].

Mike Bickle: Well we have so much to learn from all over the Body of Christ–Catholics, charismatics, non-charismatics, denominations, anyone who loves Jesus. That’s why we’re hosting an ecumenical track, or actually you’re the one leading it, and  I so appreciate you doing that, because if you love Jesus and the Word of God, man, we’re going on the same direction before the Lord, and we love that. Thank you.

Keith Major: So please come. Tell your friends, tell your, whoever you can, you know, you’re interested in this.

Mike Bickle: We’re gonna have a great time in the Lord.

Keith Major: Yeah.

Mike Bickle: Jesus is Lord. Amen.

An appalling and terrible thing Has happened in the land: the prophets prophesy falsely, And the priests rule on their own authority; And my people love it so! But what will you do at the end of it? (Jeremiah 5:30-31)

(Investigate the vast chasm between Catholicism and biblical Christianity–go to Deception in the Church.)

Correcting my email about Francis Chan

I recently sent an email with the article about Francis Chan where I said:

“I appreciate very much the gospel work of Francis Chan, the things he has persevered in, but that does not mean we should stay silent about this very dangerous precedent.”

I am way off base. I guess I was trying to be brotherly, understanding, whatever…the fact is, this is not a precedent, this is a pattern with Mr. Chan.

He has endorsed Mike Bickle twice now. There was the lectio divina episode at Passion conference a few years back.

Some years ago ex-Catholic Mike Gendron did not finish his presentation warning about Catholicism (Q and A) because Chan would not let him–even though it was Chan who had invited him to speak at the church!

I am sorry I sent such a statement about his previous “gospel work,” as if that lessens the seriousness of what he did at Onething 2015.

Read and Video: Francis Chan’s spiritual blindness   (IHOP-KC Onething 2015)

Read: Francis Chan shuts down Mike Gendron’s talk on Catholicism 

Read and Video: Francis Chan: “I’ve just gotta say, man, I still love Mike Bickle”  (IHOP-KC Onething 2015)


Francis Chan’s spiritual blindness

The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead dough to make cakes for the queen of heaven; and they pour out drink offerings to other gods in order to spite Me. (Jeremiah 7:18)

“Let us, then, pass through the Holy Door of Mercy knowing that at our side is the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Mother of God, who intercedes for us.” — Pope Francis [1]

Those who yearn for spiritual unity with the Catholics are foolish, wicked, arrogant or deceived. Why are people like Mike Bickle, Francis Chan, Beth Moore, and others so eager to expose Christians to this false system?

This is not about disparaging the people who are Catholic, who are simply following what they have been taught. Catholics are our friends, neighbors, even relatives. They are by and large just average, everyday citizens, just like you and me.

That being said, there is a vast difference between Roman Catholicism and biblical Christianity.  Those Catholics who are truly saved are saved in spite of  Catholic teaching, not because of it. And even then, the question must be asked, if a Catholic is saved, and the Holy Spirit resides within, would this not result in a departure from Catholicism? (2 Corinthians 6:14-17)

Francis Chan was apparently not concerned with this as he effusively praised Matt Maher and Audrey Assad, Catholic musicians who led the worship team during Chan’s session at IHOP-KC’s Onething 2015 conference.

As transcribed in Francis Chan: I just gotta say, man, I still love Mike Bickle, there is also a lot of love and acceptance from Chan for Maher and Assad.

Chan stated,  “Man, I see in Matt, I see in Audrey this love for Jesus, the Spirit of God, and I see in them a stance for righteousness, what’s right according to God’s Word.” (15:55 in video)

Several times he acknowledged theological differences. “I love what God is doing here and I understand there’s differences and I don’t know how to get through some of those. I just know I have to.” (16:50 in video)

No, Francis, you don’t have to. (Galatians 1:8-9)

According to Chan, “And I think it’s time for us to get beyond, okay, I’ll sing with them, okay, I’ll worship with them, y’know, okay, I’ll admit that they’re Christians, and go to a biblical stance which says I can’t live without them. I need them. They’re indispensable.” (17:29 in video)

That is a shocking call for unity. Chan is spiritually blind, always a dangerous impediment for a man with so much influence.

Ironically, warning about the tough times to come, Chan said he was worried about how many Christians were casual about some of God’s commands. He read from 2 Timothy 3:

But realize this, in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power. Avoid such men as these. (2 Tim 3:1-5)

Although by now he had validated both Mike Bickle and Catholicism, Chan claimed:

See, I’m not giving a talk that’s saying, oh, we should love everyone no matter what they believe, no matter how they live or whatever else. No, there’s a time for disassociating with people. And Paul says it to Timothy right there. (19:25 in video)

But Francis Chan is doing the opposite of Paul’s command to Timothy. He is not urging disassociation. He is encouraging biblical Christians that they can drink from the same spiritual cup as the Catholics. We cannot, at least not if we want to obey the Word of God.

[The link to Part One is right here]


Some years ago Francis Chan prevented former Catholic Mike Gendron from finishing his presentation about Catholicism (Q and A), even though Chan was the one who invited Gendron to speak at his church: READ

Source Notes:

1. Catholic News Agency, Pope Francis: Mary is the ‘mother of forgiveness,’ 1/1/16

Francis Chan: “I just gotta say, man, I still love Mike Bickle.”

The following is a partial transcript of Francis Chan’s session at the International House of Prayer’s Onething 2015 gathering. This was Chan’s second time as a speaker for Onething. Once again he gave his approval to Mike Bickle, and also seemed to work very hard to break down barriers between biblical Christianity and Catholicism.


Here are some statements by Francis Chan at Onething 2015:

14:30 in video– I spoke here a couple years ago and I shared with you how I got so much flak from so many people saying, why would you go there? They are creepy, they are this, they are that, and just all these essays and I read through almost all of them, just going, ah, I don’t know if I agree with you on this.

14:55– And so I’ve been encouraged by many people, okay, if you go back this time would you please not publicly affirm them? [Laughter]

15:06– I just gotta say, man, I still love Mike Bickle. I do. I hear comments like, I know Mike loves Jesus, I know he’s got the Spirit of God, but… Wait. What do you mean, but? Then he’s a part of the Body. The eye cannot say to the hand I have no need of you … But to look at him and say, no, he’s indispensable, I need him, I can’t say to a part of the Body I don’t need you.

[Note to reader: The worship team leaders at Chan’s session were Catholic musicians Matt Maher and Audrey Assad.]

15:55– Man, I see in Matt, I see in Audrey this love for Jesus, the Spirit of God, and I see in them a stance for righteousness, what’s right according to God’s Word.

16:07– I love Mike’s stand on the Word of God, that’s what the Bible says…I know we have some differences, I get that, and I will tell you I don’t know how to work through some of the differences. I’m not even sure what they all are. But what I do know is that I can’t say I have no need of you but instead I know I’m so much stronger when I’m united with them.

16:50– I love what God is doing here and I understand there’s differences and I don’t know how to get through some of those. I just know I have to.

17:00– I just know the Word of God commands me, that if I see the Spirit of God in someone, like Mike was saying, where they love love Jesus, and they would give their life for Him, I mean they would truly sacrifice for Him…

17:13– …and I see the Spirit of God working in them and they’re not out to make a name for themselves but a Name above all names, they lift up Jesus, then gosh I need that person.

17:29– And I think it’s time for us to get beyond, okay, I’ll sing with them, okay, I’ll worship with them, y’know, okay, I’ll admit that they’re Christians, and go to a biblical stance which says I can’t live without them. I need them. They’re indispensable.

17:59– One thing I appreciate so much about the people I’ve shared the stage with this morning, is how much they stand on the Word of God.

End Part One

Francis Chan is a great speaker, and a man who has done much for Christ in the past. I am puzzled as to why and how he can be so eager to break down the (biblical!) barriers between Christianity and Catholicism. Is contemplative prayer a factor in this? It clearly is with Mike Bickle.

So, Part Two will be ready soon. We will flesh some of this out. If you watch the video you will see Francis Chan deliver a very powerful message on suffering for Christ.

But this is how it is going to go. It will be popular and influential people like Rick Warren, Beth Moore, James Robison, and Francis Chan who expose many to Catholic influence. They are, after all, so wise. Apparently Martin Luther and the Reformers didn’t know what they were talking about.

Click here to continue to Part 2




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Catholic author raises Two million to get souls out of purgatory

Please remember the vast difference between Catholicism and biblical Christianity. Beware of people like Mike Bickle of International House of Prayer, for instance, who is so eager to portray Catholicism as acceptable to the Lord.  The 2011 article below is not about Mike Bickle and IHOP-KC per se,  but serves as an example of the errant teaching young IHOP-KC people risk being exposed to if Mike Bickle continues with his pro-Catholic deception. Purgatory expert (?) Susan Tassone was also a recent guest on Fr. Mitch Pacwa’s program on Catholic channel EWTN (2/10/16).


News that matters

Author Susan Tassone’s passion is to get people out of purgatory. Since the Roman Catholic Church accepts money for Masses said for the dead, Ms. Tassone urges people to hand over their last will and testaments over to the Roman Church to get people out of the burning fires of purgatory.

Tassone has founded Holy Souls Mass  Apostolate  in 1993. All the funds raised are given to the church for Masses. She is considered an “expert” on Purgatory.

So far she has raised two million dollars for Mass stipends. She says the best way to get someone out of punishment is to have a Gregorian Mass said. The next best thing is the rosary. She also recommends the Stations of the Cross because you get ‘indulgences’ when you practice this devotion. When asked what happens if you keep having Masses said, and the person is already out of Purgatory, she…

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“Behold Your God” Study defines biblical meditation

But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. (Psalm 1:2)

Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically, by Pastor John Snyder, has been a blessing to many. The women in our church are currently using this study, and the excerpts below are from Week 3, Day 4 of the Daily Devotional Workbook:

“The Christian approach to meditation is the opposite of that which is practiced in many other religions. Meditation is often thought of as the process of quieting and emptying one’s mind. But in Christianity, meditation is focused on filling the mind. Meditation means to muse, to think on, and to reflect.” (pg. 52)

Is biblical meditation important? Yes. The study quotes Christians who have understood this very important aspect of our walk with the Lord.

“Many are troubled if they omit a sermon, a time of public prayer, but you are never troubled that you have omitted meditation, perhaps all your lifetime to this very day.” (Richard Baxter)

“Faith is lean and ready to starve unless it be fed with continual meditation.” (Thomas Manton)

The  Behold Your God Daily Devotional Workbook explains, “[Biblical]Meditation is simply the work of reading Bible truths slowly and thinking them over in our minds. Often this is mixed with prayer–talking with God about what He has said to us. It is the same idea as a cow chewing its cud. We take a truth, work it from every angle, chew it, come back to it later, talk to God about what it says, think about how it is connected with other things the Bible says on the same subject, and find a place in our lives for it.” (pg. 52)

Unfortunately, thousands and thousand of Christians now believe that Christian meditation involves blanking out the mind and entering a state known as the silence. This is known as contemplative prayer.

Lighthouse Trails and others have warned for a long time now that contemplative prayer (essentially the same as Eastern/New Age meditation but presented/disguised with Christian terminology) has infected the visible church.

It may well be that participation in contemplative prayer is the reason why Mike Bickle of International House of Prayer (see video), Rick Warren, and others are no longer able to distinguish the difference between Catholicism and biblical Christianity. Don’t kid yourself: This practice can have profound theological consequences.

Ray Yungen, author of A Time of Departing, warns, “Contemplative prayer is presenting a way to God identical with all the world’s mystical traditions. Christians are haplessly lulled into it by the emphasis on seeking the Kingdom of God and greater piety, yet the apostle Paul described the church’s end-times apostasy in the context of a mystical seduction. If this practice doesn’t fit that description, I don’t know what does.” (pg.140)

Perhaps if pastors and churches had truly understood, practiced, and emphasized biblical meditation, the infection of contemplative prayer could have been significantly lessened, or perhaps even prevented.









Ted Cruz touts endorsement from NAR leader Mike Bickle (Spirit of Error blog)

You’re going to want  read the entire article by Holly Pivec, and you can link to it below. According to Pivec,

“It seems the campaign is aware of Bickle’s connection to the NAR, but not overly concerned about it. Any misgivings may have been allayed by the fact that a growing number of mainstream evangelicals have accepted speaking engagements at IHOP.

“Whatever the case may be, the campaign’s touting of Bickle’s endorsement reveals how influential this particular NAR leader has become and shows that the NAR has grown into a significant political force.” click here for rest of article

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