Rick Warren strongly denies advocating Muslims and Christians worship the same God


According to Christian Post reporter Alex Murashko:

Influential evangelist Pastor Rick Warren has labeled as “flat out wrong’ a local newspaper’s assertion that he believes Muslims and Christians worship the same God, has partnered with Southern California mosques and has agreed not to evangelize Muslims, 

The debate over Warren’s alleged beliefs as reported in the Orange County Register has created a firestorm of online discussion, including more than 300 comments underneath the article, and Christians, both leaders and lay people, asking Saddleback Church members and associates a steady stream of questions about the validity of the statements made.

In response to questions raised by The Christian Post, Warren has issued a three-page white paper titled “Muslims, Evangelism and Mission,” which asserts that Saddleback Church is preaching Jesus Christ as Savior and a Triune God to the Muslim community. This is not how Muslims view God. The Register, a daily newspaper publication in the area with more than a half-million readers, published an article last week (online and print) stating that Warren agreed not “to try to evangelize” Muslims in a document “outlining points of agreement between Islam and Christianity.”

Warren first responded to the Register story, “Rick Warren Builds Bridge to Muslims,” by posting an online comment in the reader comments section stating, “I deeply love my Muslim neighbors but this article contains multiple errors – factually and theologically that neither our dear friends in the Muslim Community nor the Christians at Saddleback Church would agree with.” The editor of the Register was not available for comment at press time for this article. (continue_reading_article)

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Wycliffe AGAIN categorically denies removing “Father” and “Son of God” from translation for Muslims

Thank you for contacting Wycliffe inquiring about the validity of claims that Wycliffe is “removing the Son of God or God as Father from our translations.” 

We are not. 

Wycliffe remains committed to the same objectives we’ve held sacred for 80 years: biblically accurate and culturally relevant translations of Scripture. Wycliffe never has and never will be involved in a translation which does not translate these terms. To say that we are removing any familial terms from the Bible is simply not true. We want people to fully understand what God meant when He called Himself “Father” and called Jesus his “Son”. Wycliffe continues to be faithful to accurate and clear translation of Scripture. The eternal deity of Jesus Christ and the understanding of Jesus’ relationship with God the Father must be preserved in every translation. 

 There has recently been a statement put on our website and on our FAQ section.

 SIL has published a statement on their website’s front page.  see www.sil.org

 Hope this is helpful to you.

 Until ALL have heard

 Carol Weaver

Wycliffe Information Services (WIS)
Recruitment Ministries

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